Monday, 5 March 2018

'Extreme' Weather in Norwich

Dear Reader,
It's been a few weeks since I wrote something on my blog, mostly because going to classes and reading books isn't too eventful, but I have something to share again so here we are. Since I came back from Hull, it has been rather quiet around the house and otherwise. The strike is still going on so I'm currently filling my time with reading books, binging Netflix and watching a lot of films (specifically, Oscar nominations, which is done now as of now). On the 23rd of Feb I walked across town with Heather and Conor to got to a pet store (for fun) and to do groceries at Aldi. It was an experience, to say the least. I don't know why, but UK Aldi feels to need to put the English flag on almost every single product, PLUS on the side of the store as well as on a wall behind the registers (the same counts for the Aldi in Hull). As if I'm going to forget I'm in England.. That Saturday we also went to a gigantic pub in town, which is part of the Spoons chain. It was a nice experience. Especially as you can order your drinks and food via an app and don't necessarily have to talk to anyone (other than the people you are with) which was nice.

On the 25th, Fabian arrived at the busstation in town <3 He stayed until Wednesday afternoon. Unlike last time, we actually did some thing other than watch movies and cuddle. On Monday we went out for dinner, after which we saw Black Panther in the Vue. We really enjoyed Black Panther, especially the music used for the different characters, very clever. At that point England was facing a lot of snow, or what UEA personnel refers to as 'extreme weather' (more on that later), which made the walk home very enjoyable. Especially as Fabian cannot help himself but play with the snow, no matter the temperature. It was nice to be together and enjoy the snow and each other, a very romantic date night.

On Tuesday we didn't really do much, we slept in (I won't mention when we got up because it is ridiculous). We just cuddled and talked for a long time during the day. At night we went to campus to go to a Disney society viewing 0f Zootropolis. I assumed they meant Zootopia, but apparently it is named differently in certain countries. I hadn't seen it since we viewed it in the cinema when it came out and boy, did I miss out on a lot of small references. For example, in Frozen there's a duke from Weselton, but the other characters always mispronounce it (sometimes on purpose) as Weaselton (especially as the character can be described as a weasel). In Zootopia, it is the other way around. There's a weasel referred to as Weselton, and he corrects them by saying it's Weaselton. Genius. Love it.

Fabian's snow-angel
On the walk back home it was once again snowing, quite heavily. As soon as we got to my street (it's a 30 min walk), we looked like Snowmen, which motivated for Fabian to make to best of it and create a snow-angel. The funny thing about that is that a little while later one of my housemates came home and told us she about this cool snow-angel she saw on her way, she put it on snapchat. Really funny how that turned out. Last time he visited, Fabian had to leave while I was in class. Luckily, that was not the case this time. That didn't make it any easier though. It hurts every time he has to leave. It's just so comfortable and effortless to have him next to me. It took me a few days to adjust to it again, especially as it was extremely cold and I no longer had his warmth next to me.

UEA campus
In terms of the snow, I've come to realise that England really does not know how to handle it. They knew it was going to snow, quit heavily as well, but they did not take the necessary precautions like people do back home in NL. Where Dutch streets and sidewalks are prepared with salt, here they do not take similar measures. Which means it got really dangerous on the streets. The snow froze over and it became extremely slippery. It's not necessarily the weather that made it extreme, but rather how it was handled (or not handled). This meant that the bins weren't emptied, which is problamatic; food deliveries were halted in stores, so the stores looked like we were living in the apocalypse; the few classes that were still going ahead despite the strike, were now cancelled as well; and everyone (UEA personnel as well as police) advised us to stay indoors. It was an interesting situation, especially as I was flooded with Dutchies on ice on social media. It made me a tat homesick, especially as I missed out on ice-skating on the canals (in both Utrecht and Amsterdam). It made me appreciate the Netherlands a lot, especially because we still always complain about the weather, regardless of the preparations.

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