Sunday, 11 February 2018

First Month Abroad

Can't believe it's been more than a month already! I still don't feel like I've settled in completely, but a lot has happened since I came here and I do feel more at home. Classes are still amazing, but I am not going to talk about those today, as that wouldn't be that interesting. I've gotten to know my house-mates a bit since I've moved here, and they're all really nice and understanding. Last week, for my birthday, they spend the whole evening with me. First we just sat around and home, had a few drinks, played drinking games, just generally got to know each other a bit better. But they also bought cake for me, lighted candles and sung Happy Birthday to me. I had expected to feel homesick on my birthday but that didn't happen because they were so awesome about it.

Afterwards we went into the city and had a few awesome experiences in two different clubs, both gay-bars (I think). We did karaoke, sang Abba & Queen, until two people from our group got kicked out of the club for reasons still unfamiliar to us. The second bar was loads of fun as well, they had a strip-pole and we had alcohol in our systems, so obviously we danced a lot and had fun. But mostly it was just a nice experience and they were generally really having fun with me as well. It didn't feel forced or weird at all! It didn't feel like I wasn't part of the group and that was nice.

I didn't do much the day after, on my actual birthday, as we came home around three in the morning and it took a while for me to be able to fall asleep. The day afterwards I went to London to meet up with Lea there. We firstly went to the Disney store on Oxford street and I treated myself to a gorgeous Beauty and the Beast plate (I already have about three mugs so I wanted something new). We went to Charing Cross Rd. and initially planned on visiting about 4 second-hand bookshops; however, one of us found a lot of good books in the second store so we decided to leave it there. We checked into our hostel, changed into fancy dresses, and went to a really cute vegan place for dinner (it was really really good, especially the mac and cheese) and raced to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see Wicked!

It was really busy, but luckily I expected it to be and thus had been smart enough to just print the tickets at home rather than collect them on the spot. We treated ourselves to a bottle of wine and walked to our seats. Now, we were lucky enough to find two seats pretty close to the stage when I purchased the tickets months ago. But we didn't realise how close these seats were to the stage until we got there. And boy, they were really, really close to. It was absolutely perfect! I didn't really know what to expect in terms of the plot of Wicked, other than it involved The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. But it was like walking into my thesis, only then with the Wicked Witch of the West. Absolutely beautiful. Really excited about it. Also, I was already familiar with one song (due to Glee) but by no means was it the best song. Most were really good, especially as the two leading women were both powerhouses (I wasn't envious at all ..). So of course I bought Wicked socks (boy are they comfy) and postcards to hang on my wall. 

After Wicked we went back to the hostel and decided to have a few drinks in the bar below the hostel. We talked for a long time, because Lea and I hadn't seen each other for way too long. It was really nice to have this experience with her. The next day, once we woke up, Fabian was already in the hostel, waiting for us downstairs. It was a weird experience for me. I was oddly nervous to see him, even though I had seen him only little over three weeks ago. But I just really missed him. So it was very nice to be reunited. We left the hostel, had some breakfast and went to the British Library for the Harry Potter expo that is currently (til the end of February) in the library. I was a bit hesitant as I feared it might resemble the travelling Harry Potter exhibition, but it was nothing like that at all, not focussed on the films per se, but rather on the novels (which makes sense as it was located in a library). It was a combination of the history of the novels and general history. Really informative. Afterwards we had some lunch and then Lea had to catch her train.

Fabian and I didn't do much while he was here. We mostly watch TV shows and films together while cuddling. We did go into the city to explore a bit and buy some stuff and I am absolutely ashamed to say that it was the first time, since my parents dropped me off, that I went into the city centre.  Uni is located out of town and my house is right between uni and the city centre, so I don't really have a lot of reasons to go into the city, other than to buy stuff. But as there's a Waterstones on campus (where you can have books delivered) there is really no reason whatsoever. But it was nice to walk down with Fabian. He left on Wednesday while I was in class, and while it wasn't weird or hard to leave and have class. It was really weird to come back home and find my room empty. But he'll be back soon.

This week was a bit different than expected. I didn't have class on Thursday as my teacher was ill, which meant that my weekend started on Wednesday when I came back from uni. While I don't mind reading books and being at home, it can get a bit boring. Luckily for me we did have a bit of fun in the house on Friday (they were playing beer pong with truth or dare, I was merely watching as I joined a bit later). And yesterday, again completely unplanned, I just talked in the kitchen with two of my house-mates, until about 2:30 AM, which was lovely, but really random (in terms of the conversation topics). I'll write again soon, but this is it for now. Love!

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