Monday, 15 January 2018

Vampirates: Then and Now

When I was younger, my brother's and I were really close and there were a lot of things we shared with each other. Video games, game boys, games for the game boys, books, DVD's, etc. One of those things were the Vampirates books. I only remember reading the first one (in Dutch), but apparently we had the sequel as well. I read the first book a lot. I really enjoyed it. I didn't remember much about it other than the fact that I used to skip Connor (the chapters with him as narrator) because I wanted to get back to Grace (and Lorcan). Now I think my obsession with vampires might have started here.

Back to present day. I'm a lot older and not really a kid anymore (at least not physically speaking). I've since purchased the books again, but in English. Actually I purchased the first two books twice. I ordered them online and then I came across them in a secondhand bookstore. I saw them there several times, and it took me a while to realise that they were SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! Needless to say, when I figured that out, I purchased them again and gave the other two books to one of my brothers (who also loved them as a kid, but who apparently felt the same way about Grace, like I felt about Connor haha, funny how that differs).

Anyways, I've since read the first two novels in English and it has been a blast. I even made Fabian read the first novel (though it wasn't anything I needed to force him to do, he was pretty willing to do so and he enjoyed it too). One thing I realised early on is that it is clearly a book aimed at kids. This can be seen in the use of language especially, but also in their age and the time span. In my mind Grace was on the boat with the Vampirates (spoilers ahead) for months and months, but in reality she was on the boat for about two weeks. This is not what I remembered, not because it wasn't mentioned, but because my sense of time was really different then. It made sense for her to fall in love in two weeks, because I was young, innocent and naive. Now it does not make sense like it used to.

Regardless, I've purchased the third and fourth book now, too, and I'm super excited to read it in the near future (honestly, we know that's just an empty promise as I'm super busy and on exchange). It is a bit of a hassle to find these editions of the book, as they are not in print anymore. I only have to find the 5th and 6th book and then the series will be complete! I will keep you posted. And if anyone has kids that like to read about pirates with great adventures, this is a book (series) they might enjoy, a lot. Don't let the cover scare you off, they look a loooot scarier than they are. Seriously.


  1. Oh wow I totally forgot about these books!! I loved them when I was younger. Thank you! I need to find them at my library and read them at least for nostalgic reasons!

    1. Yay! So happy someone shares my enthusiasm! Enjoy :)