Saturday, 13 January 2018

I'm Going on an Adventure!

So, I've been in England for a week now. And it is tough. I don't have much to do yet, as my classes won't start until Tuesday. I know what my campus looks like and I know (more or less) how to find the classrooms. I haven't figured out how to print stuff yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to fix that on Monday. I have been very lucky in terms of courses. I had to make a list of 9 courses, and I would be appointed three courses (not necessarily all from that list). I've heard horror stories from students that they only got one of their preferred courses and had to take other courses that they weren't necessarily interested in. But I got three courses from my list, all of which are a combination of literature and creative writing. The first course I will be taking, is "New Worlds: Science Fiction and Beyond"; the second course is "The Art of Emotion: Literature, Writing and Feeling"; and last but not least, "Writing Life: Biography and Creative Non-Fiction".

As for the time I've been here: I came to England by boat on the 5th of January with my parents and boyfriend. They stayed with me in Norwich til the 7th of January. Then they drove off back to the boat. In that time we explored the city of Norwich, which is really cute and has a few awesome stores (such as Waterstones, of course). We also went to Cambridge. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to visit the premises of the university, as it was closed to visitors. I hope that I can still go there some time and look at, preferably, the library. But it was still a cute town to visit. There's a very cute bookstore somewhere near uni, called the Haunted Bookshop. The ground level was about the same size as my room and they sold some really old books. Unfortunately, the owner wasn't too friendly so we left pretty soon. Cambridge is basically just a uni and some stores, not too eventful. 

Silly people in Cambridge
We also spent a lot of time talking, drinking coffee (or choco in Fabian's case), and spending time together in general. It was hard to say goodbye to Fabian (and my parents), especially as I have been ill. But he's been super supportive. We watch Planet Earth together, via Netflix, and give commentary via Whatsapp. It's a lot of fun. Hopefully it will be easier once I start my classes. I know, not a very eventful update. But I've added a few pics from Cambridge to illustrate my experience. I'll post another update once more has happened. For more pictures, you can check my Polarsteps account here. I haven't posted pictures of Norwich or my uni yet, but I will in the near future.


  1. I hope you enjoy your classes, Alyssa! That's so great that you were able to get into all three! I've only been to England once (London for a week) but I really want to go back someday mostly because of what you described: it's so cutesy and the buildings are all gorgeous and historic and the university libraries are beautiful! I remember going to the building that was the Great Hall in Harry Potter at Oxford and that was an amazing experience. Anyway, I hope you have lots of fun and you're able to visit a bunch of cool places while you're there :)

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Yes the houses are adorable :) And much of the building style is really pretty. But there's a lot of history here anyways. In terms of literature at stuff. Not that my home country doesn't but that's not the area I'm interested in. Thank you :) I shall keep you posted.