Thursday, 28 September 2017

Update: What did I watch?

Ever since I finished my second year of uni, I've been binging a few TV shows. I did not have time to do so since September 2016, but since I had some free time during the summer, I've been able to catch up a little bit. So here's a list of TV shows I watched and my opinion of them.

1. Westworld
This show was clearly made by HBO. Especially the theme song feels very GOT-like. BUT it is almost nothing like it. It had some plot twist I should have seen coming (but didn't, of course). And it was all together very good and interesting to watch. I often find that I have difficulty with these kinds of shows. Not because I don't enjoy watching them, but because I feel like I need to mentally and emotionally prepare for them. I feel like I need to do some reflecting after watching an episode. There's just so much to think about. Of course I watched most of the episodes after one another, but there were a few long breaks as well.

2. Stranger Things
Initially I wanted to wait with viewing this until October (because that's when season 2 is set to release), but I got really interested in it and we finished watching Westworld so you know. It took us about a weekend to watch it. We couldn't stop watching it. It's very intense but also very interesting. Gave me a E.T., 80s kinda vibe. It's nice and fun to watch, but it's not Westworld or Big Little Lies (which I will come back to). I still recommend it though, but that's basically all this post is about anyways, making you watch the shows I love haha :)

3. Orange is the New Black
I've been following this series since it came out a few years ago. However, each and every year, I neglect to watch it for a while. Not just because of the timing (during uni and usually near exam week) but mostly because I forget that I really enjoy this series over the year. It's a problem I have encountered with other shows which releases a full season in one go. I causes me to watch everything as quickly as possible and usually means that I'm done after a day or two. Which means it will take a while before the next season comes out. I lose interest in OITNB, but then I fall in love with it all over again once I start watching it. This season was really good and raised a series of interesting questions. I also realised, though completely unrelated to this series, that you lose your right to vote once you've done time in America. I don't know the exact limitations and reasons but to me that was insane. I would've understand if it was merely while in prison because you are so secluded from society at that point anyways. But afterwards? 
Either way, great show, great actors, great stories. It's an interesting combination of hilarious insanity and painful reality. 

4. Black Mirror
What can I say about this show? It's terrifying, beautiful, sad, everything at once. Every episode is its own story and each is as real as the last. Amazingly done. I mean, one of their episodes didn't win an Emmy for nothing. I don't think I need to say much about this show because everyone appears to be watching it already, so yeah.

5. Scrubs
Fabian and I got a tat bored with watching Friends over and over again. I know.. how could we. So we decided to give a few other shows a shot. We briefly watched The Office, but it just was not our kind of humour. It wasn't what we were looking for. So we moved on to Scrubs, which was exactly what we were looking for.

6. Danny Phantom
I used to watch this show as a kid (in Dutch obviously), but my boyfriend and I decided to re-watch it in English this time. As a kid I didn't notice how almost every episode is exactly the same. It has the same formula in terms of plot, but it´s funny and the perfect thing the watch right before bed. I also didn't notice how the teacher in the show (cause really there´s only one teacher in the whole school) curses with famous book titles, among which Moby Dick and The Great Gatsby. It makes me really happy, because there was probably a literature nerd involved in the production of this show. 

7. Game of Thrones
Holy shit man. Just holy shit. So much has happened in this season. I don't even know where to start! I've been a faithful fan of this show since it aired, but this season was everything to me. Fan-theories confirmed and expanded, it's all super insane. No words. We decided to re-watch the whole show from season one, since we have to wait super long before the new season is released. It's especially funny because my boyfriend had never re-watched it before. I almost forgot how annoying Sansa used to be. Aside from all that.. I understand that most people are quite disappointed with this season, simply because it's just not as good as it was before. It is painfully obvious that the creators of the show ran out of books to base their show on. It means that all the writing is now their own and it is so obvious its not even funny. But since I generally love happy-endings and I am a sucker for this kinda stuff, I quite enjoyed it. Nevertheless, it is not the show I fell in love with any more. I recognise it, accept it and moved on. Now I'm in a mind-set where I can still appreciate and enjoy the show.

8. Gravity Falls
Lea made me watch it and I'm very happy she did. Man, that was an emotional roller-coaster. I didn't expect it to become so dark and real at the end. It's so funny too! Like really funny. At one point Fabian and I had to pause an episode because we were laughing so hard we couldn't continue watching.

9. Will
I'm not too fond of William Shakespeare in this adaptation. Not just because he's constantly cheating on his wife. Mainly because Jamie Campbell Bower is playing Christopher Marlowe and I'm just too fascinated by Marlowe and Bower to notice anything else. It is like Jamie was meant to play him! He channelled his inner-rock-star perfectly for this role. I felt like I was watching him live all over again, singing his anger and frustrations away. Other than that this approach to Shakespeare was really refreshing. It was honest (even though it's probably not all that accurate). It's a bit steampunk and a bit rough (especially with language, violence and nudity) but that's what made it so great. I hope they'll extend for another season but if they don't its fine too, because it was pretty good like this.

10. Big Little Lies
I've said it on Facebook already. The message of this show is painful, but it's real and happening all around us and we don't even know it. It's a story about divorce, bullying, rape, abuse, everything. I know people might be critical of the man vs woman fight in this show, because one man especially is made into a villain. But lets not forget that the other men are all supportive of their wives (and somewhat vice verse, a bit too far in some cases). And women of each other, especially. It's an important story. Definitely worth your time! Like seriously. 

That's it for now. Too busy with my thesis to watch anything. 

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