Monday, 24 October 2016

Thoughts on Once Upon A Time

I'm a few years late but I'm finally completely into Once Upon A Time (the TV show) and I really really like it,  for example the fact that they change the lay out of the intro depending on the fairy tale they will address in that particular episode. It makes sense that I like it because I adore fairy tales. I don't have an awful lot to say about the fairy tales in particular, simply because I already talk about those quite a lot, but lets get into the characters a little bit. Now there are quite I few I like, but there are a lot of characters I dislike and I will start with those. Quick heads up thought, for those of you who have not watched all the episodes yet and plan on doing so, maybe don't read this particular blog post because I will spoil you.

First there's Rumpelstiltskin, or The Dark One. I really do not like his character one bit. In the beginning it was ok√©. He was evil and yeah whatever, but later it got annoying because he was 'trying' to be good but he just could not make up his mind about which side he wanted to be on. Seriously, stop it. Be evil or be good, but stop misleading people and then be totally surprised when they don't trust or love you. He hated himself for choosing magic over his son, but then later on he does the exact same thing with Belle, another character who I really cannot stand. She knows Rumpel is dark and yet she keeps giving him chances and he keeps messing them up and she keeps being surprised about it. Seriously chick, he's not going to change, get on with your life and stop blaming him for your stupidity. I feel like he should have stayed 'dead'. Then again I also felt like Neal was a sucky character so having him dead is not that bad either.

I also really do not like Rumpelstiltskin's father, Peter Pan. I mean it's not hard to see where he got it from, seeing that his father abandoned him so he could be young, forever. But you'd think that Rumpel would know not to become like his dad and in the end that's exactly what he became. I liked though how he condemned his own father to be a lost soul, forever. Pay back is a bitch. But that's also why I didn't like it when Neal gave his life for his father, because I did not feel like he deserved to be forgiven. Neal still had a life to live, a son to raise and what not, Rumpel had already lived a pretty horrible life but a life nevertheless.

I cannot hate the Evil Queen. I loved how Evil she was, and she's so sassy. Don't get me wrong, I like nice Regina better than the Evil Queen, but in the end she did serve a purpose and her anger was justified (somewhat). She lost her first love and had to marry a king who had more love for his daughter than his second wife. But her anger was a misplaced. She should have hated her mother for killing her boyfriend, rather than hating a sad little girl for putting trust in the wrong person, especially because Snow's mother had just died and she wanted to believe that mothers were good and would be good. But who am I to judge, I never saw my own mother tear out the heart of a man I loved greatly. I love her fashion sense though, the Evil Queen sure has some style and I'm very curious what she will do this season, now that Regina is separated from her evil highness.

I absolutely love Captain Hook, also known as Killian Jones. He has a complicated yet interesting story. Killian and his brother Liam were abandoned by their father and left to a captain of a ship. For years they worked their buds off to get somewhere and in the end the became captains of their own ship (even if Liam lied a bunch to get there). Sadly, Hook lost his brother due to stuff that happened on Neverland. This turned him somewhat bad, he decided to become a pirate and started 'living life'. Then he met Milah, Rumpel's wife, and they fell in love. She went with him and for years they travelled the sea together with the crew. However, Rumpel found them, thinking that Hook killed his wife. At that point he already is the Dark One and has already lost Baelfire. He's really angry at Milah and Hook and ends up killing Milah. After this Hook loses his shit completely and he goes on to hunt Rumpel (or the crocodile) for a long long time. Everything changes though, after he falls in love with Emma Swan and it's the cutest love story ever. Unlike Rumpel he actually changes for the better for her. Next to the fact that he's sexy as hell, but we already knew I have a soft spot of pirates and guy-liner. 

I don't really have an opinion about all the secondary characters, most are unnecessary, and I keep being surprised that they haven't yet ran off to the enchanted forest or something because my god these 'heroes' can be annoying and well.. arrogant. I don't particularly like the Charming's (though the fact that they are a couple in real life is incredibly cute). Emma is okay, but only because I like her and Hook together so much. I keep hoping for new characters to show up too. I'm really excited about Aladdin and Yasmin showing up in the series now. But I'm still waiting for a better version of Rapunzel, possibly with Flynn Ryder. But I really miss Ruby/Riding Hood. She was such a nice character. And yeah she got a new story by falling in love with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz but I want more. Same goes for Mulan. What do you think? Who do you want to see on the show?

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