Thursday, 6 October 2016

Sleeping Beauty: Grimm vs. Once Upon A Time

This week I'm going to talk about Sleeping Beauty. The Disney film is quite old and somewhat boring if you ask me. It also only lasts an hour (I know.. super short). Also I have previously already talked about the Disney film and the recently released live-action film in which Maleficent is the main character. To read that particular blog entry, click here. Due to all this I'm going to talk about the original fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm and the character in Once Upon A Time (which is particularly interesting to me due to the cross over with Mulan (who's gay in this version), but I will talk about that some other time).

In the Grimm tale, it all starts with a frog who tells the Queen that (even though they have issues with conceiving a child) she will have a baby girl before the end of the year. After the birth the King invited family and friends to come look at their child. But due to the fact that they only had 12 golden plates left, they only invited 12 of the 13 wise women. After 11 of the wise women had made their promises for the child, the 13th came into the castle (I love that she's the 13th.. oh the irony). Without introduction or anything she just says: "The King's daughter shall in her fifteenth year prick herself with a spindle, and fall down dead", after which she left. The remaining wise women promised that she would not die, but instead would sleep for 100 years (such a random number.. Explain Jacob and Wilhelm, why 100?).

Much like in the Disney variant, the decided to burn all the spindles. On Blair-Rose's (ha, you thought her name was Aurora didn't you! So did I.. XD I actually already typed) 15th name day, the King and Queen were elsewhere (seems rather irresponsible if you know that something might happen to your only child when she turns 15..) and the maiden decided to go roaming through the castle. She came across an old lady next to a spindle. And so it happens, she pricks herself on the spindle. At that moment everyone in the castle (including the King and Queen, who had just returned) fell into a deep sleep as well and a hedge of thorns grew around the castle.

A prince from a neighbouring country travels towards the country and hears an old man speak of the hedge around the castle. He also heard that many men before him had tried to get to the castle but the hedge made it impossible. Luckily for this particular prince, the 100 years had just passed, thus the thorns had changed into flowers and he could pass through it, unhurt. He kissed Blair-Rose and she woke up, after which they went down together and noticed that everybody was waking up. After this the fairy-tale is pretty much over. Well, they get married of course but yeah that's it. A rather sweet story if you ask me.

In my opinion this fairy tale has a lot of plot-holes. Where did the frog come from? And why did he need to tell the Queen that she was going to have a baby? Couldn't she just be patient? Also why did he not warn her about the curse? And why 13 wise women? I think I prefer the Maleficent plot, in terms of why she was not invited to the party, because "we did not have enough golden plates" just seems stupid. Buy another damn plate, or you know, give her another plate that is slightly less fancy. But these tales don't have to make sense. I still enjoy it of course. However I never truly understood this tale, especially because it so similar to Snow White (sleeping curse).
Made by Eyvind Earle
In Once Upon A Time, her name is in fact Aurora and she already knew Philip prior to fallen asleep. The series actually makes it seem as though they were already in love. Philip finds her and wakes her up with a warrior on his side (hint, it's Mulan). A few minutes later Philip is sort of killed and thus they do not get there happily ever after right away. Mulan and Aurora go looking for the solution together later. In the mean time Aurora is having nightmares as a side-effect of her sleeping curse. Apparently her soul is trapped in limbo whenever she is sleeping. Snow White helps her deal with it, having a little experience with it her self (even Once Upon A Time realises how similar the stories are, but they use it to their advanced, which is pretty smart if you ask me).

We also learn how Mulan and Philip knew each other. Philip was turned into an evil animal that burned villages and one day Mulan goes out to hunt him. She plans on killing him, but in the end he is turned into his original self and they go looking for Aurora together. I'm still on season 3, so I don't know more about Aurora yet but I'm pretty sure we will get more about the story later on. If I do, I'll let you know what happened. Hope you guys enjoyed this. I will do the Snow Queen/Frozen next week! Pretty excited about it. Lots of Love <3

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