Saturday, 15 October 2016

Meeting Sarah J. Maas

In the summer, my  boyfriend and I were fangirling about A Court of Thorns and Roses, as well as A Court of Mist and Fury (again, I don't know why I waited so long with reading them). They got us caught in Sarah's web again and we started getting really excited about the new Throne of Glass book (which we were excited about anyways): Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas. We were browsing on her website when we noticed that she was doing a book tour in the UK in October. So, naturally, I got out my schedule and everything and we decided to just fuck it and go see her in Chelthenham on the 8th of October (this was the only day we could do due to university and such). So we bought tickets, plane tickets, etc and were super excited.

Few weeks later the new book came out. I pre-ordered a signed copy and I just went straight to the store the day it came out. Unfortunately for me I'm currently swamped in reading loads of books for my courses (because I thought it would be funny/a good idea to take on an extra literature course) and thus had absolutely no time whatsoever to even touch this book. So Fabian started reading it and I had to watch him get even more excited and the book while sitting next to him and reading Lolita or Hamlet. I realised there was absolutely no way I could go to this event without having read the book, because I would get spoiled. Thus I worked my ass off so I would have the last few days before the event 'free' to read the book (mind you.. it's almost 688 pages). 

So on Saturday the 8th of October, my boyfriend and I got on a plane to Bristol at 9:05 in the morning. After we arrived we bought train tickets to Cheltenham right away. We walked around the town for a while (because we had a few hours to kill) before actually catching the train. We got on the train at 13:00. We had 40 minutes on the train, in which I finally finished the book (woop woop) and we arrived at 13:40. Then we realised how unprepared we were.. we had no clue where to go and the map we got at the station did not have the station on it so we still had no idea how to get into town. As fate would have it, a nice gentleman asked us where we needed to go and he too was super confused by the map we got. He took us on the bus and almost delivered us at the spot we needed to be. He was really nice and kind.

At 14:15 we arrived at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and man it was pretty. There were a lot of tents, with actual Waterstones bookstore inside of them! So beautiful. I purchased Empire of Storms Hardcover edition (because it's stunning) and then we had to wait for an hour, in which Fabian read a bit of the book (because I stole it away from him for 2 days hehe) and then it was time! We had really good spots (thank to pre-assigned seats). The interview was so much fun. It was basically Sarah talking about the craziness in her mind, her characters, her experience with writing/publishing books and so much more. She started writing the Throne of Glass series when she was 16 and then rewrote the whole thing from scratch when she was 22, after which a publisher picked up her books when she was only 24! She has such an evil laugh and it's almost unfair that next to being an awesome writer she's also super beautiful. But what she talked about was really inspiring and I understood her so well.  I remember Fabian going: she's crazy! Because she was talking about how her characters are voices in her mind and I just did not understand what he means because it is the same way for me. Rose is always talking to me, reminding/begging me to continue writing (maybe I'm also crazy). It just made sense to me.

Due to our strategic placed seats we were one of the first ones out of the room, which meant we were in the beginning of the gigantic queue for her signing-session. I first handed her my letter (which I wrote over a month ago), which was sealed with my personal wax-stamp-thing. She was like: 'Ahw thank you! Wow super fancy, are you in a secret club or something'. Due to her hand-injurie she was only able to sign one book per person, but luckily for me Fabian does not actually own any of her books. This lead to a rather funny introduction, where she jokingly said: ''So did you guys meet because you have the same name', to which Fab responded with: 'Well no haha, they're her books and she introduced me to your books so I thought it would be fair to dedicate them to her'. To which she responded: 'Awh you are a fan couple!'. After that we started a conversation about how we are from the Netherlands, which she thought was awesome and super dedicated, because we were only there for the weekend. She wished us save travels and that was that. Lovely experience really. 

After all this we went back to Bristol, checked into our Hostel and met up with Annet and Jesse (two friends who currently live in Bristol). It was so nice to see them and the place we went to had live music and it felt like we just walked into the locals. I did not feel like a tourist even though I was. After some well-deserved and needed sleep we walked over to their house at the other side of town and had a relaxing brunch, after which we did some more walking into the city. Before leaving for the airport we drank some coffee with them and had to say goodbye again (hate it, I wish I could have stayed there). It was a lovely weekend and I will definitely go back to Bristol (and surroundings) to see the things we were unable to see now (as should all of you, really it's a really nice place). That's it for today, I hope you liked reading about all this. 

p.s Yes, I know I have not done a Fairy Tale this week yet, but due to exams I simply had no time to read The Snow Queen (because it has 7 parts). So I will just do that one next week! Sorry.


  1. Eep! So jealous!! I can't wait until I meet her in March

    1. haha, I will probably be jealous in March then haha

  2. It sounds like you had such an awesome time! I really want to meet SJM someday; she's one of my favorite authors! That's so cool how the characters are like voices in her mind. When I read books, I see the characters in my mind and they interact in my imagination so it's interesting that the author has the same experience.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. We sure did :). Yeah she's such a genuine lovely person, it's awesome. And she was fangirling about other things to. I feel like, in a different life, we could have been friends on Goodreads and ranted about our favourite books haha :)