Sunday, 30 October 2016

Taytay Book Tag

I thought it was time for another book tag and this one is all about Taylor Swift. I got this challenge from a blog called Eclecticintrospections. Anyone who knows me knows that I secretly love Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato and I am not one bit ashamed of it. So let's start.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 
Pick a book or series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with: That would have to be The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed the first book at first, but I got sick of it pretty soon. Of course I'm talking about the books in this case because I'm still in love with the TV-series, though we've had our ups and downs too.

The Best Day
Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic: Harry Potter, no contest. It's simply something I have liked for so long. In the past there were series/books I really liked too but over time those always lost their charm (uch Twilight uch), whereas Harry Potter never lost its charm. It's still awesome! Especially now that the script books of the new things are out/coming out.

Blank Space
Most over-hyped book or series that didn't work out for you: Beautiful Creatures, Vampire Academy, The Vampire Diaries, The Lunar Chronicles, list goes on and on.

I Knew You Were Trouble 
Made by Charlie Bowater
Pick a bad character you couldn’t help but love: Rhys Rhys Rhys Rhys. I just cannot help myself. He started out as dark, dangerous, brooding and bloody hot (most of which stayed that way all the way through A Court of Mist and Fury). It's such a delicious male character. I mean even my boyfriend likes him, I think that says enough.

Shake It Off
Pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters: Stephenie Meyer's The Host. I'm dying to re-read it again.

Pick a book that someone ruined the ending for: This is hard one.. I don't think this has happened a lot. Though I did spoil myself with the last book of the Divergent series but that was just well.. yeah unfortunate. I was very suspicious about the fact that all of a sudden we had chapters from Four's perspective, I was like, ah this basically means that Tris will die. And I was right. I was not happy with myself at that moment. Hope you guys have already read the books (or don't plan on doing so) because if not I just spoiled you too. Sorry.

Everything Has Changed
Pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development: this one is difficult for me. I really don't know. Maybe Aelin from Throne of Glass (man I'm starting to sound like a broken record), or Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instruments. 

You Belong With Me

Pick your most anticipated book release: this is a very difficult question. I think for the first 6 months of 2016, that would have to be Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. After that it was Empire of Storms (I mean I bought the book twice!) and for next year it's the next book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. People just keep writing books and I have absolutely no time to read them. Uch.. so sad.

Forever and Always

Pick your favourite book couple: I know I have talked about favourite couples a lot lately (sorry guys). It has not changed recently so it's still Feyre and Rhysand, especially in A Court of Mist and Fury.

Teardrops On My Guitar
Pick a book that made you cry a lot: If I stay, especially if I read Where She Went directly afterwards. It's so passionate.

Most underrated series/book that you think deserves spotlight: The Elect by Elle Todd (though I'm not sure if those are even still for sale, they were self-published). Or The Dark Heroine Series by Abigail Gibbs. She still hasn't published the third book of the series, but the first two were really good. Especially the first one. I really hope that one day, both these writers will continue what they started. Can't wait.

The Story of Us

A couple you think should end up together: Oh this is such a good question! Cassian and Nesta, or Lucien and Elain (both from ACOTR). OR Connor and Bree from the Land of Stories. Or Emma and Julian from The Dark Artifices. 

Love Story
Pick a forbidden love in a book or seriesEmma and Julian from The Dark Artifices haha! They are parabatai (which will make no sense for anyone who has not read a Cassandra Clare book) but it basically means that you are bound to protect one another and absolutely banned from being together romantically. Or as the wiki says: Parabatai is a pair of Nephilim warriors who fight together as lifelong partners, bound together by oath, regardless of their gender. Their bond is not reflected only in their closeness and willingness to lay down their lives for one another, but also in oath—one sworn in front of the Council. Not all Shadowhunters are required to have parabatai; it is actually less common to have them. A Shadowhunter has only eighteen years to find and choose a parabatai; once older than that, the ritual is no longer open to the Shadowhunter.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Where did Jack Frost Come From?

Made by Williamcote
After reading The Snow Queen for last weeks blog entry, I was looking through my beautiful The Snow Queen and Other Winter Tales book and came across the tale of Jack Frost and thus I decided to do this particular tale for this weeks blog entry (especially after using an illustration of Elsa and Jack), discussing the version and the version as shown in Rise of the Guardians, the film released in 2012. The tale starts with "Once upon a time.." (which I can now never ever read without think, hmm Hook is delicious) "there lived an old Russian peasant wit his wife and three daughters - Martha, Pasha and Masha", which is not confusing at all. The oldest was a child from a previous wife and was thus treated in a Cinderella-like fashion by her step-mother. The sister grew into beautiful young women in need of husbands, but the father did not want to part with Martha, but his wife knew that due to her beauty, the other two sisters were being overlooked by the men in the village.

So, clever as she is, she tells her husband she has the perfect suitor for Martha. And of course, she is talking about Jack Frost: "he is rich, he is handsome, what more could she want? Look at all the fir and pine-trees, look at the ice and the snow, - they all belong to him, every one of them". Her does not know where to find this man, so his wife tells him he lives in the forest. She tells him to take Martha into the forest and leave her with a box under a tree. He's unsure it will turn out oké but his wife convinces him that Jack will look after the girl. What the father did not know, is that his wife wanted Martha to die and it was all just a ruse to get rid of the girl. And so it happens, only when day turns to night a old man (with a long white beard) shows up and his name is in fact Jack Frost. 

He asks Martha if she's warm. Poor Martha, by that point, is so cold that she things she's boiling (which is actually something that happens when people are about to freeze to death). Jack felt really bad for her and took her back to her father and filled the empty box with treasure. The step-mother was furious but decided that she would not let Martha win and thus told her husband to take her daughters to the same spot, with an empty box each. After a while, the girls started bickering, fed up that their suitors did not show up. Jack came to Pasha and Masha and asked them if they were warm and they rudely responded that of course they weren't warm "you old stupid!". Jack smiled at the girls, confused about why they were waiting for there suitors under a tree in the middle of the forest. Pasha was really upset at this point and started yelling at him, so he came closer and closer. 

When he touched them they froze to death, which is how their father found them the next day. When he returns home his wife blames him for their deaths. He told her to bugger off, he just did what she asked him too. It's not his fault that she could only think of riches. So she forgave him and they lived happily ever after (well.. after burying the two unfortunate sisters). Martha married a very rich, handsome young man and lived happily ever after too, "as people always do in Fairy Tales" (well not quite.. I mean I think Pasha and Masha disagree).

This is nothing like the tale of Jack Rost in Rise of the Guardians. In the film he's a young lonely man, who is invisible to everyone. He brings ice and fun everywhere he goes. Creating snow-days and snow-fights. One day he is chosen to become another Guardian for the children (next to Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the tooth-fairy and the sand man). Together they have to fight Pitch (the boogeyman) who is trying to turn all dreams into nightmares, while Jack is trying to figure out who he is and where he came from. 

Before he turned into Frost, he was merely Jack. The eldest son of his little family. He was the joy of his house and loved by all. Until one day he goes ice-skating with his little sister and she finds herself on some weak ice. She's scared and Jack helps her by turning it into a game. In the end he saves her but falls into the ice himself, which is when the moon turns him into Jack Frost. He wakes up after that and forgets all about his life before becoming Frost. He lives a lonely live because he's unseen. He thinks no one believes in him. Luckily he finds out that he had a loving family and a little sister who believed in him in the end.

You see, other than the element of ice and cold, the two tales are nothing alike and I'm not really sure on which tale the film is based but I like both versions for different reasons. I may want to dig a little deeper into Jack Frost some time. I like his character, there has to be more. The first tale appears to be an adaptation of Cinderella of some sort. The ugly sisters do not get the happy ending, but the hard working kind sister does. It's somewhat cruel but in the end it does teach us something. As for the film, it's sweet and cute and Jack's kinda dreamy, so there's that. I'm not sure which tale I will look at next week because, honestly, I'm kinda running out of tales. Which ones would you like to read about? Let me know :)

Monday, 24 October 2016

Thoughts on Once Upon A Time

I'm a few years late but I'm finally completely into Once Upon A Time (the TV show) and I really really like it,  for example the fact that they change the lay out of the intro depending on the fairy tale they will address in that particular episode. It makes sense that I like it because I adore fairy tales. I don't have an awful lot to say about the fairy tales in particular, simply because I already talk about those quite a lot, but lets get into the characters a little bit. Now there are quite I few I like, but there are a lot of characters I dislike and I will start with those. Quick heads up thought, for those of you who have not watched all the episodes yet and plan on doing so, maybe don't read this particular blog post because I will spoil you.

First there's Rumpelstiltskin, or The Dark One. I really do not like his character one bit. In the beginning it was oké. He was evil and yeah whatever, but later it got annoying because he was 'trying' to be good but he just could not make up his mind about which side he wanted to be on. Seriously, stop it. Be evil or be good, but stop misleading people and then be totally surprised when they don't trust or love you. He hated himself for choosing magic over his son, but then later on he does the exact same thing with Belle, another character who I really cannot stand. She knows Rumpel is dark and yet she keeps giving him chances and he keeps messing them up and she keeps being surprised about it. Seriously chick, he's not going to change, get on with your life and stop blaming him for your stupidity. I feel like he should have stayed 'dead'. Then again I also felt like Neal was a sucky character so having him dead is not that bad either.

I also really do not like Rumpelstiltskin's father, Peter Pan. I mean it's not hard to see where he got it from, seeing that his father abandoned him so he could be young, forever. But you'd think that Rumpel would know not to become like his dad and in the end that's exactly what he became. I liked though how he condemned his own father to be a lost soul, forever. Pay back is a bitch. But that's also why I didn't like it when Neal gave his life for his father, because I did not feel like he deserved to be forgiven. Neal still had a life to live, a son to raise and what not, Rumpel had already lived a pretty horrible life but a life nevertheless.

I cannot hate the Evil Queen. I loved how Evil she was, and she's so sassy. Don't get me wrong, I like nice Regina better than the Evil Queen, but in the end she did serve a purpose and her anger was justified (somewhat). She lost her first love and had to marry a king who had more love for his daughter than his second wife. But her anger was a misplaced. She should have hated her mother for killing her boyfriend, rather than hating a sad little girl for putting trust in the wrong person, especially because Snow's mother had just died and she wanted to believe that mothers were good and would be good. But who am I to judge, I never saw my own mother tear out the heart of a man I loved greatly. I love her fashion sense though, the Evil Queen sure has some style and I'm very curious what she will do this season, now that Regina is separated from her evil highness.

I absolutely love Captain Hook, also known as Killian Jones. He has a complicated yet interesting story. Killian and his brother Liam were abandoned by their father and left to a captain of a ship. For years they worked their buds off to get somewhere and in the end the became captains of their own ship (even if Liam lied a bunch to get there). Sadly, Hook lost his brother due to stuff that happened on Neverland. This turned him somewhat bad, he decided to become a pirate and started 'living life'. Then he met Milah, Rumpel's wife, and they fell in love. She went with him and for years they travelled the sea together with the crew. However, Rumpel found them, thinking that Hook killed his wife. At that point he already is the Dark One and has already lost Baelfire. He's really angry at Milah and Hook and ends up killing Milah. After this Hook loses his shit completely and he goes on to hunt Rumpel (or the crocodile) for a long long time. Everything changes though, after he falls in love with Emma Swan and it's the cutest love story ever. Unlike Rumpel he actually changes for the better for her. Next to the fact that he's sexy as hell, but we already knew I have a soft spot of pirates and guy-liner. 

I don't really have an opinion about all the secondary characters, most are unnecessary, and I keep being surprised that they haven't yet ran off to the enchanted forest or something because my god these 'heroes' can be annoying and well.. arrogant. I don't particularly like the Charming's (though the fact that they are a couple in real life is incredibly cute). Emma is okay, but only because I like her and Hook together so much. I keep hoping for new characters to show up too. I'm really excited about Aladdin and Yasmin showing up in the series now. But I'm still waiting for a better version of Rapunzel, possibly with Flynn Ryder. But I really miss Ruby/Riding Hood. She was such a nice character. And yeah she got a new story by falling in love with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz but I want more. Same goes for Mulan. What do you think? Who do you want to see on the show?

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Made by Plo•0p
I feel like talking about my meds is the obvious next step in talking about my issues. Previously I have talked about my dark period and how I came out of it, but now I want to talk about what my meds are doing for me. For me it's all part of the big idea that we should be able to talk about our mental issues, the same as we talk about our physical issues. I broke my arm once, why should my mental issues be less of a struggle? Especially in the eyes of my university. My arm healed so easily. I realise it's not that way with ever physical issue, they can be tough and a lot of hard work, but so can mental issues.

Anyways, first off, when I was first given the meds I was so scared. The instructions are intense, especially when you realise that when taken with alcohol or other kinds of sedatives it can be fatal if you take more than the subscribed amount. I could overdose on these pills. That felt like an awful lot of responsibility.. put into a girl dealing with mental problems, which is why I told my boyfriend everything about them. We read the instructions together, the side-effects, everything. And whenever I received more than a box at once, I gave him one of them so that there would never be too much of them in one place (it was also convenient because I stay over at his place a lot). It was very scary in the beginning, but after a few weeks I realised that there was no need for me to be scared. Not only because the meds were helping me but because I realised that if I wanted to use them for the wrong reasons, I would never have gotten them in the first place.

I take my meds half an hour before going to sleep, as instructed. They help me fall asleep and when I wake up I'm in a much better mood. Not only because I had a good night of sleep (which was never easy to come by for me, I've had issues with sleep for as long as I can remember), but the meds help me filter out all the clutter in my mind. Most of the unnecessary worrying is filtered out. This means that during the night I sleep like a baby, and during the day it's a lot easier for me to concentrate on the things that need to be done (like school work, cooking (more specifically, remembering to eat something) or other things). 

Obviously not all anti-depressant work the same, and who am I to say that they work at all? Maybe it's just a placebo I think is helping me but it is actually not helping me at all? The funny thing about that would be that it is in fact helping me. I sleep and I can work on my stuff for school, so whether or not the meds are actually real, it does not matter because right now they make my days a lot easier. However, there are side-effects, one of which anyone who knows me will see without (maybe) realising why. Namely that these meds make me fat. Not only do I gain a lot of weight, due to my meds, I also have an uncontrollable hunger for food. Since starting the meds I've seen the effect it has on my body and how I can do almost nothing about it. It doesn't really matter what I eat or how much I eat, I will gain weight. That's simply what happens while taking these meds. I told myself from the beginning that it's a necessary measure and thus something I will have to solve after I stop taking these meds. But it's getting out of control. I don't fit into (most) my clothes anymore, not even the clothes I was wearing when I was a tat fatter a few years ago.

I see it as a test. I can either let it put me back into my 'bad' behaviour, or I  can fight it and tell myself it's not my fault. It's the meds, and it will go away when they do. But it's really hard to keep telling myself that whenever I wake up and look at my body or face in the mirror. It's testing my ability to deal with my issues on my own. For now, the good things out weigh the bad things about these meds (pun intended haha). It helps to have a loving and supportive boyfriend, who doesn't care about the extra weight that I've gained over the past few months.. even if it's up to about 10 kilo's.. (it's painful to say).

Before I end this blog entry, I want to say that I do not think medication solves everything. I'm taking them because they help me get through the day, but a lot of the meds out there are unnecessary (in my opinion) or do not out-weigh the bad side-effects. What do I mean? Well, I'm a camp leader, have been for a few years, on a camp for kids between 7-13 years of age, and some of them are taking meds for their ADHD. I understand why, on school days, those meds might be convenient.. but it's giving a child meds so they can be quiet in a classroom really the solution? Just because their behaviour is slightly different than the behaviour of 'most'  children, does that mean that it has to take repressive medication? Or does that just mean that these different kinds of groups of kids need a different form of education? I don't know. Just putting it out there. What do you think?

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Snow Queen vs Frozen

This week is Frozen week. I was not feeling so great on Tuesday (last week) so I stayed in bed all day and watched Once Upon A Time (damn the one who first introduced me to this TV show..) and Elsa, Anna and the Snow Queen finally came into the series for a brief period of time. What's funny about it though is that Elsa and the Snow Queen are not the same person. The Snow Queen is actually her aunt. As it turns out, Elsa's (and Anna's) mother had 2 older sisters. And to my annoyance, neither is Rapunzel's mother. But I will not be focusing on Once Upon A Time (this time). Instead I will just look at the original tale, by Hans Christian Andersen, and the Disney film Frozen (which, I hope, will never ever get a sequel). In the image above you can see Elsa and Jack Frost. I know they do not exist in the same universes but I just think it's such a cute ship, especially because both characters are so lonely. 

In the film we witness the story of Elsa, who is born with a gift. After accidentally hurting her little sister Anna one day, her parents decide to hide her away from everyone, scared that she would frighten them and that they would hurt her. She grows up hating her gift. After her parents death, during her coronation, people realise that she has this gift and they are indeed scared of her so she runs away. Anna loves her sister and goes after her. Then there's this guy who wants to become king, Hans, and he's a total ass. At the end of everything the sister's save each other through the love they have for each other and the rest of the Kingdom grows to love Elsa too. As a Disney fan I know that this was not the original idea for the film. Elsa was supposed to be the bad guy (the Snow Queen), but due to some disagreements they decided to add a different character. This is also why (in the beginning of the film) Elsa wears gloves. The theory is that characters in Disney films, who wear gloves, are either evil or have something to hide. And I'm not talking about 'dear god it's cold so I'm wearing gloves', but 'I wear fancy gloves inside'.

In my Snow Queen edition, the tale is 27 pages long and consists of seven parts. The first part "describes the looking-glass and the fragments". In this part we start with a wicked goblin called Old Nick. He made a mirror which would shrinks beautiful things and enlarged horrible things. He had his own school and the people that attended preached that the mirror was a good thing because now everybody could see the world for what it really was. After travelling the world with the mirror, they decided that they needed to go to heaven too. They eventually dropped the mirror and it feel to the earth where it shattered into pieces. After this it only brought more unhappiness to the world because some parts flew into people's eyes and they would forever see the world distorted. Some fragments are still around us. 

The Second part is about "A Little Boy and a Little Girl". They boy was named Kay and the girl was named Gerda. They were not siblings but they still loved each other. Their parents were neighbours. One day while they are outside, a piece of the mirror flies into Kay's heart and it would "soon become like a lump of ice" (so I guess that's where the idea of freezing Anna's heart came from). The flowers around their houses used to be beautiful to him, but now they are ugly. He changes and frightens Gerda with his behaviour. One day the Snow Queen comes to the town and she takes Kay. She puts him next to her in her sled and kisses his forehead. He thought she was perfect, even tough she frightened him before. They continue to travel together, to all kinds of places. 

The Third part is called "The Flower-Garden of the Sorceress". We start with Gerda who is worried about Kay because he did not return. She believes him to be dead, but the sunshine does not agree with her. So she decides to go after him. She ends up in the house of an old woman who does not want her to leave, so she gradually forgets about Kay. The woman had a beautiful flower-garden. However due to the flowers she one day remembers little Kay. The roses tell her that he's not dead. She goes on to ask all the other flowers about Kay but none are any help. She escapes the garden on her bare feet.

The fourth part of the story is called "The Prince and the Princess". Gerda comes across a crow who starts talking to her. She tells him about Kay. He tells her that Kay lives with the princess and may very well have forgotten about her by now. The crow tells her all about the princess, who was looking for a husband who would obey her. For some reason, Kay was among the suitors and he walked right up to the princess, and told her he only came for her wisdom. The crow gets his fiance and she takes Gerda to the castle. Once she was there she woke up next to a boy who greatly resembled Kay, but the prince was not him. She explains everything to the prince and princess and they promote the crows, after which they help Gerda on her way.

Part five is called "The Little Robber-Girl" and it starts with Gerda driving past an old robber woman, who wants to eat Gerda but luckily gets distracted before she can do so. Her daughter (as you might guess, referred to as the little robber-girl) wants to play with Gerda and so Gerda sits with her in the carriage (this Gerda is very easily distracted) to the robber castle. Gerda tells her everything. The robber girl tells her to sleep next to her and all her animals. Gerda asks the girl why she sleeps with a knife and the girl explains that you never know what may happen. The next day, the robber girls lets Gerda go to Lapland with a few wood-pigeons. 

The next part is called "The Lapland Woman and the Finland Woman". On her way, Gerda stopped at a hut because she was very cold. The woman of the hut to
ld her that she still had a long way to go because the Snow Queen lived in Finland. So they went on their way when she was warm again. The reindeer (who had been travelling with the girl, I guess that's where Sven came from) asked the next woman (in Finland) if she could make a potion for Gerda, so she could become as strong as 12 men in order to defeat the Snow Queen. She takes the reindeer apart and tells him that Kay does not want or need to be saved because he likes life with the Snow Queen. But Gerda and the reindeer go to the Snow Queen's castle anyways.

The last part is called "The Snow Queen's castle, and What Happened There in the End". The castle was made of, well you guessed it, snow and ice. At this point, little Kay was cold and almost black, but because the queen kissed him he no longer felt the cold. The Snow Queen told him to make figures, and if he succeeded she would give him the whole world and a new pair of ice-skates (yes, this all makes loads of sense). The Snow Queen went away to make the world colder. Gerda finds him almost frozen and he does not respond to her so she cries and her hot tears, which fall upon his chest. They warm him up and they "consumed the little splinter of glass". Kay started to cry too and the piece of mirror left his body through his tears. He wakes from the spell in utter confusion. Through the tears and love, they are able to form the figures the queen asked for. The took each other by the hand and left the castle. The went back the same way Gerda came, passed the finish lady and the robber-girl. They brought spring wherever they went and eventually returned home. They sat in the church while the grandmother read to them from the bible: "There they both sat, grown up and yet children - children in heart; and it was summer - warm, pleasant summer". 

This tale is obviously very different from the Disney film we all know. They have merged the Snow Queen and one of the 'siblings' for the purpose of the story. I don't get why they changed Kay into a girl though, it would have worked with a boy and a girl too. So Elsa is both Kay as the Snow Queen, but it's Anna who's waken by Elsa's tears. A lot of elements were used in the film. Like how spring came after the siblings were reunited and unfrozen. And how Elsa was taken to a castle build of snow and ice and how Anna was taken to her by a Reindeer. I'm quite surprised that even the cliche sappy parts were actually in the original tale. For those of you who don't believe me, you are welcome to read it. It turns out to be a very religious story. Nevertheless, Hans and Sven were not in the story, nor were the trolls or Olaf. So Disney still did what they do best. I hope you liked this blog post too. I don't know which tale I will talk about next week yet, but I'm sure it will be interesting too.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Meeting Sarah J. Maas

In the summer, my  boyfriend and I were fangirling about A Court of Thorns and Roses, as well as A Court of Mist and Fury (again, I don't know why I waited so long with reading them). They got us caught in Sarah's web again and we started getting really excited about the new Throne of Glass book (which we were excited about anyways): Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas. We were browsing on her website when we noticed that she was doing a book tour in the UK in October. So, naturally, I got out my schedule and everything and we decided to just fuck it and go see her in Chelthenham on the 8th of October (this was the only day we could do due to university and such). So we bought tickets, plane tickets, etc and were super excited.

Few weeks later the new book came out. I pre-ordered a signed copy and I just went straight to the store the day it came out. Unfortunately for me I'm currently swamped in reading loads of books for my courses (because I thought it would be funny/a good idea to take on an extra literature course) and thus had absolutely no time whatsoever to even touch this book. So Fabian started reading it and I had to watch him get even more excited and the book while sitting next to him and reading Lolita or Hamlet. I realised there was absolutely no way I could go to this event without having read the book, because I would get spoiled. Thus I worked my ass off so I would have the last few days before the event 'free' to read the book (mind you.. it's almost 688 pages). 

So on Saturday the 8th of October, my boyfriend and I got on a plane to Bristol at 9:05 in the morning. After we arrived we bought train tickets to Cheltenham right away. We walked around the town for a while (because we had a few hours to kill) before actually catching the train. We got on the train at 13:00. We had 40 minutes on the train, in which I finally finished the book (woop woop) and we arrived at 13:40. Then we realised how unprepared we were.. we had no clue where to go and the map we got at the station did not have the station on it so we still had no idea how to get into town. As fate would have it, a nice gentleman asked us where we needed to go and he too was super confused by the map we got. He took us on the bus and almost delivered us at the spot we needed to be. He was really nice and kind.

At 14:15 we arrived at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and man it was pretty. There were a lot of tents, with actual Waterstones bookstore inside of them! So beautiful. I purchased Empire of Storms Hardcover edition (because it's stunning) and then we had to wait for an hour, in which Fabian read a bit of the book (because I stole it away from him for 2 days hehe) and then it was time! We had really good spots (thank to pre-assigned seats). The interview was so much fun. It was basically Sarah talking about the craziness in her mind, her characters, her experience with writing/publishing books and so much more. She started writing the Throne of Glass series when she was 16 and then rewrote the whole thing from scratch when she was 22, after which a publisher picked up her books when she was only 24! She has such an evil laugh and it's almost unfair that next to being an awesome writer she's also super beautiful. But what she talked about was really inspiring and I understood her so well.  I remember Fabian going: she's crazy! Because she was talking about how her characters are voices in her mind and I just did not understand what he means because it is the same way for me. Rose is always talking to me, reminding/begging me to continue writing (maybe I'm also crazy). It just made sense to me.

Due to our strategic placed seats we were one of the first ones out of the room, which meant we were in the beginning of the gigantic queue for her signing-session. I first handed her my letter (which I wrote over a month ago), which was sealed with my personal wax-stamp-thing. She was like: 'Ahw thank you! Wow super fancy, are you in a secret club or something'. Due to her hand-injurie she was only able to sign one book per person, but luckily for me Fabian does not actually own any of her books. This lead to a rather funny introduction, where she jokingly said: ''So did you guys meet because you have the same name', to which Fab responded with: 'Well no haha, they're her books and she introduced me to your books so I thought it would be fair to dedicate them to her'. To which she responded: 'Awh you are a fan couple!'. After that we started a conversation about how we are from the Netherlands, which she thought was awesome and super dedicated, because we were only there for the weekend. She wished us save travels and that was that. Lovely experience really. 

After all this we went back to Bristol, checked into our Hostel and met up with Annet and Jesse (two friends who currently live in Bristol). It was so nice to see them and the place we went to had live music and it felt like we just walked into the locals. I did not feel like a tourist even though I was. After some well-deserved and needed sleep we walked over to their house at the other side of town and had a relaxing brunch, after which we did some more walking into the city. Before leaving for the airport we drank some coffee with them and had to say goodbye again (hate it, I wish I could have stayed there). It was a lovely weekend and I will definitely go back to Bristol (and surroundings) to see the things we were unable to see now (as should all of you, really it's a really nice place). That's it for today, I hope you liked reading about all this. 

p.s Yes, I know I have not done a Fairy Tale this week yet, but due to exams I simply had no time to read The Snow Queen (because it has 7 parts). So I will just do that one next week! Sorry.