Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Favourite Fictional Couples

Over the years there have been a lot of characters who were able to warm my heart. Especially when it involved an amazing love story, because well.. I'm a hopeless romantic. I like a good, exciting, heart breaking love story (does not really matter how bad or unoriginal or unrealistic it may be, if it grabs me I will love it). However, this does not happen all hat often. I also need to put emphasis on the fact that I am talking about the books, not the adaptation of these stories in to film or TV-series (because it's not the same).

I think the first time I really experienced a love so deep and wild for a love story I read was (god.. I can already feel you guys judging me) the Twilight series (Team Jacob all the way). I read the first book 11 times, and I could not re-read New Moon because their separation hurt so much. I remember how much I cried when I first read New Moon and Bella her sadness beamed from the pages (especially the blank pages with just the names of the months in the corner of the pages, man that hurt). Of course I later realised that maybe it was not the best love story, but that didn't matter, it's how the words made me feel exactly what they supposedly felt. Since then I have read a lot of books with love stories, not all of which were good or gave me the same experience. However, a few did and it was as good as the first time I came across the feeling. Below you will find my top 5 of my favourite couples, all of which gave me this feeling. And all of which (all but one) involve two people from completely different worlds finding each other against all odds.  Contains spoilers if you have not read the novels.
Made by Charlie Bowater
Feyre & Rhysand.
I will start with A Court of Mist and Fury, simply because I read it recently and the feeling it gave me still lingers in my mind. Even though the reader is supposed to hate Rhysand at first (like I mentioned in the review I posted recently), I secretly liked him to begin with. Feyre and Rhys play a dangerous came of flirting and insulting each other, but it turns into something so real, it almost made me jealous. Instead of keeping each other to themselves, they make each other stronger and shine even brighter. He turns out to be so utterly in love with Feyre that he made her hate him, just so he could help her do what she needed to do. Accepting that it may ruin his chances with her forever. To me that's amazing and admirable. People always say that Romeo and Juliet is not an amazing love story, it's just sad because death is not romantic (I agree). This makes me think of that, though in a more healthy way. A sacrifice made for the one you love, to safe them even if it means not being with them. Not to mention the amazingly detailed sex scenes in the novel. It's hot and exciting. Favourite quote from Rhysand: "I landed in the Night Court, right as Mor was waiting for me, and I was so frantic, so ... unhinged, that I told her everything. I hadn't seen her in fifty years, and my first words to her were 'She's my mate!'"

Violet & Kaspar.
This relationship is a lot like the on I put on number one (only this book came before it). The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs. It involves vampires (suprise, suprise) and a human falling for a very important vampire. He's a monster in the beginning and she truly hates him for it. Especially because she's in his house against her will, but not allowed to leave due to what she witnessed them do. Slowly but steadily, they become friends and then they become more. He's an asshole who is changed by an innocent and somewhat naive girl. She's stupid, stubborn and feisty and never goes down without a fight. She plays with fire while hating him and he lets her, to an extend. Her father thinks she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome (maybe I have a weird thing for it.. Beauty and the Beast, The Dark Heroine and A Court of Mist and Fury.. damn I might have a problem), but to me, what really happens is that this novel takes two people from completely different worlds and puts them together to create a strong bond that changes both of them for the better. The difference between this couple and the one mentioned above is that Kaspar truly was an asshole, who is changed by the love of a girl, whereas Rhysand was never evil to begin with, no one just bother to see that. Favourite part of the book is when Violet ask Kasper about being a vampire: Violet "Can you enter a house uninvited?", Kaspar "No", Violet "Why not?", Kaspar "That would be rude".

Made by Cassandra Jean
Jace & Clary.
This is the first couple in a series of books which (almost) all have cool couples. Cassandra Clare is like the Nicholas Sparks of Young Adult Fantasy. Jace Herondale and Clary Fairchild are both children of the Nephelim in The Mortal Instruments series, however, Clary has no idea about this. She grew up thinking she was a normal girl and then she meets a mysterious boy who was raised in their brutal world. This story takes a long time to unravel, especially because for a long time they are under the impression that they are brother and sister, and it is the most cruel thing ever (so many feels) because they only 'find out' after they have already fallen in love with each other. They don't talk about it even though they love each other to bits. Neither voices it, until Jace realises he cannot do it anymore and confesses everything to her. Later in the same book (the third of the series) they realise they are not brother and sister at all. It takes almost the whole series before they can finally be together and it is because of that, the heart breaking wait for the happy ending, that I was so obsessed with the series for a while. In the end it was all worth it of course, they safe the world together and end up happily ever after. I think it is the first time I did not mind the sappy unrealistic happy ending (I hated it in Twilight), because it was so well deserved. The film was somewhat good at showing this love, the TV-series not so much (but that's my opinion).

Jared & Melanie and Wanda & Ian.
Last but not least, I will give you two different couples from the same book. The Host (also by Stephanie Meyer)(I have not lost hope that some day there will be a sequel). You can't really talk about one of these couple without mentioning the other. Wanda is an alien in Melanie's body. The whole world has been taken over by these aliens that invade the bodies of humans (it's their only way to survive). Most of these aliens completely take over these bodies, but Melanie's soul is feisty, which causes Wanda and Melanie to share the body. Melanie is a voice inside Wanda's head and Wanda learns to love her and those who are loved by her. She goes looking for Melanie's loved ones and it turns into a very romantic love story of two different couples but only three people. Of course no one trusts Wanda at first but it slowly turns into something different and it is a hard but also very beautiful story (ha, also an explanation of why my blog is called Wanda heart Ian, for those of you who were wondering). I used to re-read this book every year around Easter and it would be as lovely as the first time. It's a shame not as many people know about this book, considering it is much better than Twilight.

Anyways that was that. I wonder, who are your favourite couples? Do you agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know!


  1. I second Feyre and Rhysand! I finished rereading ACOMAF for the umpteenth time and I just love their relationship! They're so perfect together and they understand eachother so well. Lovely post, Alyssa!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Exactly. They make each other stronger. It's so nice :)