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Book Tag: The Last Airbender

I decided to try something new for this blog. I see a lot of other book-bloggers doing this quite often (there is even a Pokemon book tag and also an Olympic book tag, but I really like Avatar so I think this suits). This particular book tag was created by A Clockwork Reader. I hope you like it. It may give you a good impression of the characters/books I really like (and thus think about).

Katara & Sokka: Best Sibling Relationship
I would have to go with Melanie and Jamie Stryder in The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Even though Melanie has to take on the role of his mom at some point (more or less), I still think they are amazing. She does everything in her power to protect her little brother, to the extend of making Wanda love him too. Plus, Jamie is so kind and sweet that he learns to love Wanda too, even if she is in Melanie's body and no matter what the grown-ups say.

Yue: Favourite Star-crossed Lovers
This is a hard one.. Couples I read about usually end up together, or not because they don't love the other anymore (or died). So I would not call those star-crossed lovers. Maybe Jace Herondale and Clary Fairchild in the beginning of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare (well, the second and part of the third book), because they are under the impression that they are brother and sister, but they're already in love with each other. They really struggle with it, or at least Jace really does. At one point he wants to run away with Clary because he cannot stand not being with her. Even if their families will be disgusted by it.

Blood Bending: A Book With Disturbing Content
First one I could think of is Het verrotte leven van Floortje Bloem by Yvonne Keuls. It's a book about a girl who is left by her mother and goes from foster home to foster home and ends up doing a lot of drugs while working in a whore-house. It's all very detailed and intens. I read it when I was rather young and I decided to stop reading and pick it up again a couple years later because it's content was so disturbing.

Toph: A character who's strength suprised you
I think that would have to be Vin from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. A friend of mine got me into the series (I'll admit I still have not read the last book, I'm horrible I know) and I really enjoy(ed) it. Vin is awesome but I did not know what to expect with the series or with it's characters so I was really surprised by it.

The Tales of Ba Sing Se: Best Short story
I would have to go with A Wild Swan by Michael Cunningham. It's a collective or several short stories. All of which are slightly different versions of tales we grew up with (Hansel & Gretel and such), but then with a disturbing twist. My dear friend Lea gave me the book and I absolutely love it, especially because it's super pretty.

Kioshi Warriors: Best warrior character
Rowan Whitetorn from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. Without a doubt. It's not totally fair because well he's Fae, but nevertheless, if I would have to pick who would defend/protect/fight for me, it would be him.

Zuko: Best redemption
Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court from A Court of Mist and Fury (the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses)(also by Sarah J. Maas). In the first novel he is very evil or he's believed to be evil. Especially by our main character Feyre. However, in the second novel she slowly realises that he is not that evil and he makes it up to her.

Azula: Best downfall
From the same series as mentioned above, Tamlin. The High Lord of the Spring Court. In the first novel he is a very sweet and steady guy. He appears to be in control of the situation even when the situation controls him. In the second book he loses all of that. He goes way to far and locks the woman he loves up in their house because of how scared he is. And that's not even the worst of it! After she flees from him, he basically decides to risk not only his Courts but all of Fae Realms and the Mortal lands in order to get her back. It's a mess. Honestly I can't wait until the next book comes out (which by now you'll probably know because I've been talking about ACOTAR a looot).

Iroh: Wisest Character
The Fairy Godmother in the first few books of The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer. She is the actual grandmother of the two main characters (twins brother (Conner) and sister (Alex)). I think she's the wisest, at least that I can think of right now. Of course she still made mistakes, but so did Iroh so it's okay. Next to the fact that both characters are also insanely sweet/cute.

Appa: Favourite Fictional Pet
Church from the Infernal Devices, but he's also in The Mortal Instruments (and also The Dark Artifices I think)(also by Cassandra Clare). He's Jem's cat, given to Magnus and later given to Emma Carstairs (by Jem). It's not that he does an awful lot but he's always there and hence the first animal I could think with a significant role (because let's face it, all Shadowhunter fans know who Church is). 

Aang: Purest Cinnamon Roll
Sissy Jupe from Hard Times by Charles Dickens, because her imagination and good heart change the whole family (for the better). It takes a few years but in the end her love and creativity beat the strict factual upbringing the kids were given.

Avatar State: A stubborn character
Aelin Ashryver Galathynius (or Celeana Sardothien) from the Throne of Glass series. She's very stubborn and feisty, but it's also one of the things I like about her. You better not mess with her because she will make you pay for it. Maybe not right away, but she certainly will. I love that about her. She fights for what she believes in and is very very reluctant. She's not a quitter and won't give up without a fight (if at all). 

Who would be your choices for these tags? Is there one you disagree with or maybe agree with, if so why? Let me know, I'm curious!

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  1. Super cool, I dont know all of these but the warrior, totally right!