Friday, 30 May 2014

Grey's Anatomy Favorite Five

I have been re-watching Grey's Anatomy since season 10 finished two weeks ago. I have reached season 6 (yes I know, I am disappointed in myself too) and decided to make a list of my favorites from this show. Obviously there are a lot of characters in this series. So many that I don't even know how many there are but I am going to give it a shot.

Number five: George O'Malley.
Played by T.R Knight. Even though he is a pussy most of the time, he has a lot of good qualities. He is nicer than most of the other characters. Especially in the group of five: Meredith, Christina, Alex, Izzie and George. He is the sweetest, most honest, most considered. He puts his friends before himself and it's heart breaking to see what they put him through. He takes all of it without complaining, because that's who he is. Everyone loves George (well maybe not Callie). He's a peoples-person. In the first season he is doing very well and performs a quite difficult procedure (one he wouldn't be allowed to do if it weren't for the circumstances) in an elevator. He is also one of the characters who grows a lot and has to go through a lot of awful stuff by himself. I like him better than the others because he isn't a total baby about all of those things. For obvious reasons he disappears from the show in season 6. "Well you can't. I'm her doctor, she's my patient and this is a hospital which is the kind of place where people could generally use a little peace and quiet. So no. Right now, you can't see her. And I am not saying this because you threatened to sue Dr. Bailey, who spent the last several hours saving your daughter's life, saving your wife's life. I am saying this because she is my patient and she is in the recovery wing of this hospital trying to recover. Visiting hours are over. So, good night and Merry Christmas."

On number four: Jackson Avery
Played by Jessie Williams. One of the later characters. He appears in the series for the first time in the beginning of season 6, due to financial problems at the hospital, Seatle Grace Hostpital has to work together with Mercy West and so Jackson transfers from there to SGH. He is very attractive and because of that it is rather hard to dislike him. He is the grandson of Harper Avery, the founder of the Harper Avery award, which makes it hard for him to establish a name for himself. The reason I like Jackson so much is because of his relationship with Lexie and later on with April. He is a strong character with a strong opinion and a will to fight. If it weren't for him the series would have been a lot less fun to watch, 'cause lets be honest: He is hot. And those eyes.. Yum. "Look, I am not the kind of guy who waits around for the girl who's still in love with someone else. I'm just not."

On number three: Mark Sloan
He is played by Eric Dane. It is easy to hate Mark, especially in the beginning. But then again, I always liked him. He is very likable. Especially since it's because of him (in a way) that Derek and Meredith got together, by sleeping with Derek's ex-wife Addison. He was Derek's family and after a while he becomes that again. He is part of my favorite bromance in this series. He first appears in the beginning of season two and stays until the beginning of season nine. Quite a long time to fall in love with him. Even though he's a whore (excuse my french but yeah, he is), he is very likable because he doesn't lie about it. He has always been open about who and what he is. Deep down he is insecure and just needs to be loved, but not a lot of people are willing to risk getting hurt. He is the cute part of my favorite couple within Grey's Anatomy. I think we all know who I am talking about. "Lex - I'm still in love with you. I tried not to be, but it didn't work. And Sloane's gone. There is no baby and I don't want to sleep around anymore. I want another chance. I'm in love with you."

Number two: Denny Duquette
Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This is the first and only character in this list who is not a main character. He only appears in 24 episodes, which are not all in the same season. He first appears in the middle of season two, then he is just a patient who comes in for a problem and is out and about the next day. His last appearance is in the end of season five, in one of Izzie her dreams. He was her fiance for only just a short while. Izzie put her carreer for Denny on the line. She broke the rules and fell in love with a patient (which is not done). They were so pure and cute together. Denny was very sick and needed a new heart. Izzie was trying to do everything in her power to give him that but in the end Denny dies. Izzie is heart broken over it and never recovers from it completely. When she finds out that he gave her a few million dollars as inherantece (since she was his fiance, even if it was for just a day). "Mistakes are painful but they are the only way to find out who you are."

On number one: Lexie Grey
She is played by the lovely actress Chyler Leigh. The other amazing half of my favorite couple on Grey's Anatomy. She is Meredith's younger half-sister, with whom her relationship is rather hard in the beginning, but it grows into an amazing woman over the years. Meredith always felt like her dad chose Lexie over her, which in a way is true. Lex first appears at the end of season three (when she is 24 years old) and leaves the series at the end of season eight. She creates a good friendship with George and dates both Jackson and Mark. She's funny, forgiving and a very feisty young lady, with a big heart. Trying to do her best as a surgeon, sister, daughter, friend and lover. She doesn't always succeed but we all have that problem. It is hard for me to explain why she is my favorite character. Maybe because she reminds me of myself a little bit (I'm not even half as smart but still). I envy her for her willpower, hair-color and photographic memory. "I don't know how you get up in the morning. I honestly don't. Our dad abandoned you, your mom by all accounts was the meanest personal ever, you can't let Derek love you and it all really really sucks. But ever since I know you existed, I had this fantasy about my big sister. And you have failed on every occasion to live up to that fantasy. But I still love you whether you are capable of letting me or not. So I forgive you."

That was that. I was thinking of doing this for all my favorite TV-series, since I so far have done this for Grey's Anatomy and Game of Thrones. Anyway, let me know what you think. And please tell me who your favorite characters are!

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