Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Saving Mr. Banks

You probably haven't heard much about this movie yet, so that is why I am going to tell you about it. Being the Disney-fan I am, there was absolutely no way for me not to watch this movie. Even more impossible for me NOT to write a review. The funny thing is though, Mary Poppins was not one of my favorite stories/movies, put to screen by Walt Disney, growing up. (which has everything to do with the fact that we didn't have this movie on videotape). I've only seen it a time or two and don't remember that much about it. I remember a man who's face was always covered in carbon, dancing on the roof with other men. A kind woman with a umbrella and that's about it. I know, I do feel awful about it. I probably should have watched the movie before watching this one, but where is the fun in that?

In Saving Mr. Banks, you learn a lot about the writer of the book about Mary Poppins, Walt Disney and the process of making a movie in general. There was only one reason for P.L Travers, played by Emma Thompson, to agree to put her story to screen with Walt Disney, played by Tom Hanks. Money. She had run out of money and 'selling' her story was the only way for her to be able to stay in and afford her home. She is very wary about the whole thing. Scared of what this man was going to do to her story, her baby. She sees Walt as a man whom ruins good stories and makes it happy and fluffy, while stories never end that way. He sets the standards way too high and practically lies to kids, in her eyes. Walt is very excited about the story and is very open towards Pam. This makes the process hard. They have very different things in mind and their 'friendship' or 'work-relationship' isn't working, at all.

Throughout the story you see flashbacks of Pam, or at least what I assumed was Pam (later you find out it truly is her), her childhood. Her mom, sister and especially her dad, played by Colin Farrel (love that guy). Her dad reminds me of Walt Disney in a way, very creative and loves imagining things. But throughout the movie that sweet father figure starts to change into something totally different. Something no child would want to have around. Up until the point where the whole family falls apart. A very sad story.

While you see Pams childhood story evolve according to where they are in the process of developing the movie, the story goes from fun to sad to fun. In the end Pam tries to open up a little bit and becomes a lovely person. Or does she?

I think this movie is rather under-appreciated. It was only in the cinema for a few weeks here. I didn't even get the chance to see it in the cinema because of that. And while it came out  right before the Golden Globes and Oscars, they didn't mention it at all. It seems like it was majorly overlooked. I can't figure out why. Everyone knows or has heard of Mary Poppins and Walt Disney, yet no one gives attention to this movie? Why? Can someone explain it to me?

The performances were amazing too. I loved Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, it's exactly how I imagine Walt to be like. A happy, cheerful, sharing man, but that might be my fandom talking. I can't really be objective about it. I liked Colin Farrel's performance in this movie as well. It scared me, but it's suits his character (a lot better than his performance in Winter's Tale, which was quite poor). And last but not least, the movie poster is very subtle and sweet. It shows that behind a face, there is always a bigger story. A story most people odn't know about, yet. Anyway, lovely movie! It made me laugh and made me cry. It made me want to relive the Mary Poppins experience.

Which movie/book shall I review next? Please let me know :)


  1. Great review.
    It's sad that you didn't enjoy Mary Poppins, one of my favourite ones. And the movie poster is indeed not bad.

    1. I never said I didn't enjoy it. I just don't remember it. Like the Lion King, I had that movie on video, so I watched it like every month. But Mary Poppins we didn't have. I blame my parents :P
      I know right :) Thanks for reading my review.