Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Vampire Academy

I promised myself I would read the book before seeing the movie, unfortunately I did not hold myself to this promise. I was occupied with reading other books (THFIOS) and I really wanted to see the movie. So I went and saw the movie anyway.

This book is popular and it has been for a while. I never understood why (since I didn't read it but also because it was one of the many vampire books during the period after Twilight came out/became popular) and I didn't want to join the hype of this series, too. In the end I told myself to get over it and read it (hoping I wouldn't like it so I wouldn't have to read all six books.

Vampire academy, written by Richelle Mead, is about an academy for vampires, only they don't call themselves that, they call themselves Moroi. They can practice magic (E.G water and fire, they specialize in junior year). The school is named after the a Saint, practically their only saint at that, Vladimir. Moroi's are rare and important, which is why they are protected by Dhampirs , half human half Moroi (but they are like Mules), also known as guardians. Moroi don't kill people to get their blood, they have donors. These humans have voluntarily signed in to be a donor, most of them are addicted to the vampire venom. 

Then there is the Strigoi, also vampires but the evil-kind instead of the nice-non-killing-kind. Vampires whom sacrificed their magic and morality to become immortal. They are strong and hard to kill. They are the things the guardians try to protect the Moroi from.

This story is about Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir and the best friend of Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi Vampire Princess. Lissa lost her parents and older brother in an awful car accident, in which Rose was also involved and should have died, but magically survived against all odds. Lissa is now the only one left of her royal bloodline. The Moroi have 12 royal families and are led by a queen (who is a major bitch if you ask me).

Not too long after the accident, Lissa and Rose decided to run away from the Academy for Lissa her sake, she wasn't doing so well (you read later on why and what was going on). Two years later (this is where the book actually starts) they are caught by a few of the academies best guardians and taken back to the place (and people) they were hiding/running from. Rose is not happy about all this. She will do anything to protect Lissa. Rose thinks this environment, (the school, the royals, their mind games) will not be good for Lissa and might make her relapse. Then weird things start to happen to Lissa. Someone is trying to mess with her head and Lissa is using a kind of magic that is not supposed to exist..

I really enjoyed reading about Rose and seeing the school and the people through her perspective. She is a feisty little lady, strong and pretty. It's funny how in one way she's a slut (making out with one guy and friend-zoning another) but than on the other hand she's a virgin and treasuring this specific thing. I don't quite understand Lissa and what's going on with her and why Rose is so attacted to her. They have been friends for a long time but I don't particularly like Lissa's character.

Their friendship was very confusing to me. Neither tells the other what they truly think and feel. They keep things from each other all the time and make decisions for one and the other all the time too, thinking of what they think is best for her, but not thinking of the feelings it might give her. I wouldn't want to have a friend like Lissa or Rose, I wouldn't know if I could trust the other. Nevertheless, it seems to work for them. The other characters are just as hard and complicated to figure out, but it makes the story enjoyable. Keeping you on the edge of your seat and trying to think of ways or reasons why people act the way they do.

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Nevertheless, I already moved on to reading the sequel, Frostbite. I couldn't just leave it like that. Need to know more. Please let me know your opinion on this particular book. For the original review you can click here.

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