Wednesday, 12 March 2014

300 Rise of an Empire

Who hasn't been looking forward to this sequel, even though I had no idea it was coming until like last year? 300 (which gets a 7.8 on IMDB which is a bit high if you ask me) was a very big hit, even though I never fully watched it until I knew there was gonna be a sequel: 300 Rise of an Empire (gets a 7.2 on IMDB, which frustrates me because I liked it better than 300).

I wanted to talk about these movies because not everyone I know has seen them (since it's a 16+ movie in most countries) but even more so it is based on a comic with the same name, written by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley. The story is based on the Battle of Thermopylae. It takes place in 480 B.C. in Greece near Sparta (even though it's not close to the coast anymore, it was then).

The Persians came to their country and wanted to take it over. King Leonardis of Sparta was forbidden to go to war by the oracle to go to war with the Persians. But only because there was betrayal involved in the council.To save his people, the people of Sparta, from the Persians, Leonardis decides to go towards them anyway. He only takes 300 men with him in total. Trained and fierce soldiers to defeat an enormous army, which seems like suicide. So needless to say, the fight doesn't end so well for Leonardis and his best warriors.

In Rise of an Empire you see what happened before and after this particular fight, so in a way it's both the prequel and the sequel. They bring back a few of the original characters like Gorgo, Leonardis his wife, whom is now leading the Spartan army. What is left of it that is.  And Dilios, the only of the 300 whom returned from the fight to give Gorgo a message) . Then there is Xerxes, who is a human god leading the Persian army. To me he is just a big baby in a golden diaper, angry that his dad was taken away from him and trying to take revenge on all the Greek for what one did. Irrationally trying to destroy everything that the Greek built. But that is just me.

We also get to meet a lot of new characters. You meet Themistokles, a general from Athens whom killed King Darius, also known as Xerxes his father. You see Xerxes before he turned into a god, learn how and why he did that to himself. You also meet the fearless Artemisia (whose name is clearly basted on Artemis, goddess of war. Which suits her rather well. Love how Eva Green brought her to the screen), she had an awful youth and experience with her own nationality, Greek. Which is the reason she is with the Persian army anyway, to punish the Greek. Those awful people that made her life a living hell.

Anyway, I guess you get the gist of the story by now. It's not hard to imagine what it looks like. Lots of fighting scenes, which involve a lot of blood, cruelty and nicely done special effects. Lots of bare chested guys, not so much bare chested girls, but I'm not one to complain (and I didn't hear my boyfriend complain so, yay).

End scene of 300
I don't really know what other there is to this movie than the fighting and the story. I have always had a thing for historic movies which involve a lot of fighting (Troy, Kingdom or Heaven, King Arthur ect). It's all fictional of course but never the less, I like that it gives me the idea of travelling back in time to witness something that happened so long ago. It had been awhile since I left the cinema this happy and content with what I had just seen. I genuinely liked both these movie, but in particular the second part. When the credits appeared on the screen all I could think was: AWESOME! I just hope that Pompeii won't ruin my good feeling towards movie about historical events in Greece/Italy.

And after all of this. I feel bad towards to story, because when I toured through Greece. I visited place like Athens, Olympia but we didn't stop in Sparta. So I need to go back there sometime (poor me *uch*).

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