Saturday, 8 February 2014

American Hustle

There is a lot of fuss about this movie and about all the wigs used in this movie. It involves a lot of big names: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. From the director of Silver Lining Playbook (also starring Cooper and Lawrence) and The Fighter (which stars Bale).

I do not like it when movies are promoted by other movies previously made by the same director. I really enjoyed Silver Lining Playbook and by using the same director and same actors, they trick you into thinking that you are going to like this movie too! But American Hustle is nothing like Silver Lining Playbook (which is a romcom to me). It was good nevertheless. There are a lot of up's and downs to this movie.

The acting was very well done by all the main character. Particularly Jennifer Lawrence did a good job, she was hilarious (Golden Globe well deserved) and this did not surprise me. However Jeremy Renner surprised me a lot with his performance in this movie. So far I never liked him but he played his part very well. You could not dislike his character Carmine. In fact he made me feel sorry for Carmine. But the story line wasn't what I was hoping for. There were a few holes in it and the ending was quite disappointing.

Before I get into that, what is the movie about? Well, this story takes place in America, late 70's early 80's (which explains the wigs). The main character, Irving Rosenfield, is a small con man who grew up in the Bronx. He learned how to survive (in expense of others). He is married to Roselyn. He married her because she was a single mom and he wanted to do her good. He adopted her son, Danny, and loves him like his own. When Irv meets the lovely Sydney Prosser they start to broaden their audience and are very successful with their cons. Until Richie DiMaso walks in, an FBI agent. To get out of their jail time, they have to bring in four other cons. They start small but once Richie gets involved it gets bigger and bigger until it runs out of control.

This movie made me very anxious. I got goose bumps because of the way they try (and succeed) to sell products that don't exist, use people and don't really care what happens to those around them, like Carmine Polito. Awful story of how ugly situations can get when you don't watch out (I will always wonder about the fish-story).

In the end it made me wonder. If it were me, would I do the same? I  would never become a con woman but what if? What if I got caught and had to screw over four other people to keep myself and my loved one out of jail, would I do it? I realized I would. If it came down to it, I would do everything in my power to keep my boyfriend and myself out of jail. But to be fair, i wouldn't get emotionally involved with those I was trying to sell/screw over, like Irving did with Carmine.

Good movie, but it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. I was fooled by the promotion, shame on me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it. You can also read this review on my IMDb-profile.


  1. Thank you, it looks like it was a mixture of Now you can see me and Ocean's Eleven.

    1. You are welcome. Your wish is my command.

  2. You write such great reviews :)
    I am not going to be seeing this anytime soon... but I repeat, great review.

    1. Thanks Layla! I really appreciate that :)