Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Time Travel

Not to long ago I watched the movie About Time. I had been looking forward to watching this movie for some time. Not because of the plot but because of Rachel McAdams. She's an amazing actress, for some reason I always enjoy watching the movies in which she plays (like: The Notebook, Mean Girls, The Vow, Sherlock Holmes etc). But I have a few things to say about this movie and none of them are really positive. First, before saying anything else, I will tell you a little bit about the story line.

The story is about a very insecure guy named Tim (played by Domhnall Gleeson, who also played one of the Wesley brothers in Harry Potter) from . In the beginning of the story he is only 21 when his dad tells him something rather disturbing. Apparently all the males in the family tree are able to travel through time. At first he is struggling with this ability, trying to figure out how to use it. Especially after he meets Mary. He makes a mistake and erases meeting her. He tries everything to get her back. A lot of stuff happens throughout this story and it's heartbreaking but also heartwarming.

But then there is a lot of stuff that bothered me about this story line. It was too perfect. There weren't a lot of disadvantages to being able to travel through time, which struck me as weird. Especially if you have watched all the three movies of The Butterfly Effect and The Time Travelers Wife (also starring Rachel McAdams). Tim could chance situations and events without consequences (up to a certain level). It was like they took parts from the movies mentioned above and put it into this story but left out the depressing consequences. It made me feel good but also ruined my experience. I don't really understand why Rachel was in this movie (not that I judge her for it or anything) but it's so similar to the Time Travelers Wife, which was a lot better. 

I don't know what it is with this concept and idea. They never seem to be able tot put it right. The movies about time travel are either too depressing or too easy. On 27 of February another movie about time travel will come to the cinema's: Welcome to Yesterday. They used the concept of time travel little differently and for once it isn't about a guy falling in love (well at least not mainly), but again same idea. I don't know whether it bothers me because the idea and consequences are depressing to me or because it bothers me because after seeing The Butterfly Effect years ago, that everything else seems like a rip off to me.

Of course, nothing will defeat my love for Doctor Who. For some reason that idea about time travel makes my heart warm and fuzzy, and maybe that is because they are not trying to make it seem real.

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