Saturday, 18 January 2014

Favorite 'Old' Disney Movies

Everyone, who is close to me or knows me, knows how much I love Disney & Pixar movies. Today I want to tell you about my all time favorite Disney movies. I decided to make two different posts about this and in this one I will tell you about my five 'Old Disney Movie' favorites.

It came out in 1991 and has several remakes already (like Beastly and Beauty and the Beast TV series). I have watch that movie more times than I can remember.

A spoiled prince gets turned into a beast by an enchantress, because he needs to learn a very important lesson: Not to judge someone for their appearance. Only if he finds someone who can love him in spite of his looks, will the spell be broken. But this has to happen before he turns 21, which means that the prince was 10 when he was turned into a Beast (because 10 years later he meets Belle and her father). Rather cruel..

I always loved Belle, because she reminds me of myself. Especially during one of the first scenes, where she walks through her town while reading a book. Not bothered by others just in her own world.

This movie came out in 1992, a year before I was born. My affection towards this movie wasn't created only by the story, but also by it's songs. I used to sing A whole new world for my family, a lot.

This story is about a 'street rat' who meets the princess by accident. He falls in love with her and feels like he needs to change in order to be with her. He pretends to be a prince but in the end his lies come crashing down on him. Nevertheless the princess falls for him too, the 'street rat' not the prince. This story is about how status is not important, it's the person you are inside that counts.

What is weird about this movie is that throughout the story: whenever Aladdin pretends to be a prince, his skin color seems lighter. Disney isn't perfect. There are lot of things wrong about how it is presented. The sequel is very random.

Is it bad that I liked the sequel (1998) better? Maybe a little bit, but I can't help it! The Lion King (1994) is obviously an amazing movie. But I remember waiting for the second one to come out and watching it with my best friend. My love for the second one is just bigger because of the memories.

Simba is king in this movie and his daughter, Kiara, meets the grandson of Scar. Obviously Simba is not at all happy about that and tells her that she is not allowed to talk to him. Yet she falls in love with him and is trying to convince her dad that even though he is Scar's offspring, he is nothing like him.

It's is a story about love. Kiara does not judge Kovu for his origin and loves him no matter what. In the end she is able to convince her dad of his error in judgement. Even though I dislike my mom for keeping the sequels away from me, I am very grateful that she at least gave me this specific sequel.

This movie came out in 1995, I remember falling in love with John Smith when I was a little girl. I was very very mad when I finally saw the sequel!

This is a story about how an Englishman and a Indian fall in love. Their people are fighting each other for the land whereas Pocahontas realizes that fighting is not going to solve anything. She simply wants to talk to the people and explain to them that there is not gold. "You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, You'll learn things you never knew, you never knew."

I had to change my list because of Pocahontas. I re-watched and realized that this movie deserved to be here. John and Pocahontas convince their people to talk to each other. That fighting is not the answer, that it's all simply a miscommunication. I always enjoyed the songs of this movie because I agree with her. There is more beauty in nature than in buildings.

Finally an old movie, this one is from 1967. I just watched both this part and the sequel The Jungle Book 2, that was made in 2003. It is a shame that my mom never followed up on sequels when I was a kid. It would have made my life so much better.

This story is about a boy that is raised by wolves. When a dangerous tiger returns to the jungle, they decide he has to return to human village for his own safety. Problem is, Mowgli doesn't want to leave the jungle, he is very stubborn and doesn't realize they are only trying to help him. He tries to convince several animals to let him stay and take care of him but in the end they all 'betray' him and want to take him home. Then he runs into the Tiger and together with his bear buddy he defeats him. In the end he meets another human and decides to go to the village with her.

I always loved this story, it was very sweet and happy. The ending bothered me though. The whole story long Mowgli doesn't want to leave and when the animals finally agree with him, he leaves anyway. I guess no matter how hard you try, you always want to know where you come from and where you belong.

To be continued..

What really bothers me about most Disney movies (with princesses) is that you never get to see what happens after they say: And they lived happily ever after. It always made me wonder. I have to look for a guy who will make me happy and to grow old with. But what happens after that? What happens when you have found your 'Prince'?


  1. I luv The Lion King 2 better than the first one, too! haha
    ~Alyssa (DOTN)

    1. I know right! But why? I still don't know why.. xD I love Kiara and Kovu <3
      How about the rest of the list?

  2. Your list is pretty sweet I only would change the order and I think you missed an very good movie from 1998 called A bug's life, which I still think deserves to be on this list. Wouldn't know which one it could replace but it does deserve to be on there.

    1. They all deserve to be on this list!!! It's so hard!! i mean I love Bug's life too.. and Treasure Planet, and Snow White and the AristoCats and argh.. :P You have no clue how hard it was to break it down to 5 xD

    2. Okey you're right they are all so awesome just thought A bug's life was worth mentioning, I really like that one. I even had the game (yet I also broke it) That movie really made an impact on me, how one small ant can travel so far and accomplish what so much (I know it's just a movie but you know what I mean)

    3. I know lil'bro.. I know :)