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Favorite Disney/Pixar Movies

So here is my list with my five favorite new Disney and Pixar movies. This is more difficult for me because I grew up with these movies, waited for them to come out, see them in the cinema, but I can do this! I feel bad for my other favorites but I had to make a selection.
I can't get enough of this movie and it's songs. It came out in 2010 and unfortunately I didn't get to see it in the cinema (they didn't play it in English).

It's about a girl going after her dream and exploring the world outside of her comfort-zone. I love how for once it's not about falling in love with a guy, Rapunzel just wants to make her dream come true. In this process she meets a lot of nice people and falls in love with a guy who is also trying to make his dream come true, yet during this process his dream changes because of Rapunzel.

It's such a feel good movie. Rapunzel is 'played' by Mandy Moore, who has a lovely voice and is perfect for the part. They made a short movie called Tangled Ever After, which shows you a short story of Pascal and Max. I'd love to see a sequel to this movie but because of the short I do not think it will happen.

2. Frozen
This movie only just came out in December but there is a lot of fuss about it already and with good reason. I went to see it the day it came out. It was amazing.

It's about two sisters. Elsa, who has the ability to freeze things but can't control it, and Anna. One day Elsa hurts her little sister by accident and her parents decide it's best to hide her gift from everyone. They close the gates and Elsa and Anna never see each other again, not even when their parents die. When Elsa is old enough to become the queen, something goes wrong on her coronation day and the freezes the whole kingdom and flees.

Frozen tells you the story of the love between siblings. Even though they weren't as close anymore, they still want to do whatever is best for each other. Elsa wants to protect Anna from her and Anna doesn't want Elsa to be alone and wants to help her with her ability. Maybe I love it so much because of my siblings. Like these two I would do anything for them. Plus, Olaf is very cute!
This movie came out in 2001, I was very young then and used to watch this movie all the time with my brothers. This was our introduction to Pixar.

This story is about Sully and Mike, two monster buddies working at the factory that scares kids to produce screams for their electricity. One day Sully accidentally lets a kid into their world (which is against all the rules) and befriends her. He calls her Boo and takes care of her. He needs to get her back to her own world but in order to do that they first need to deal with her monster, Randall. They realize that the company is leading down a rather dark path and try to stop that.

It is a very loving story between a little kid and her 'Kitty' (teddy bear). Sully changes his opinion about everything and realizes that everything he believed in was wrong. It is very cute and heart breaking when they have to say goodbye. This year Monsters University finally came out (the sequel to this story)!! I was hoping for a Sully and Boo reunion but unfortunately that did not happen. Nevertheless, also a very good and funny movie.

(I know it's not Disney) This movie also came out in 2010, but I also didn't have the chance to see it in the cinema.

Hiccup is the son of the tribe leader in a town of Vikings. He is not really a though guy and isn't very close with his dad. His town gets attacked by dragons a lot and one day Hiccup hits a very dangerous dragon. But when he gets the chance to really kill it he feels bad for the creature and spares it's life. They become friends and with that Hiccup betrays his dad. No one believes him and they put him aside as stupid, until they have to face an even more dangerous dragon.

This story, for me, is about fighting for what you believe in, no matter what others say. Even though everyone in his town kills dragons and seen them as dangerous, Hiccup doesn't see it that way and befriends them. He chooses to stand by his own principles even though it makes him a outsider. I can't wait for the sequel How to train your Dragon 2, it comes out this summer!
Who doesn't love this movie right? It came out in 2003 and won over all our hearts. I have never met anyone who doesn't love this movie (or hasn't seen it).

It's a story about a dad looking for his son, who got taken away from him by humans. He meets a lot of nice people a long the way and touches a lot of hearts while doing so. No one really knows where Nemo, his son, is. Mean while his son is trying to escape to get back to his father. When he is finally in the ocean again he meets someone who met his dad as well and they tell him what his dad has been going through. Their relationship before this event wasn't the best but after it Nemo realizes how much his dad loves him and his dad learns to give him a little more space.

The beginning is very sad but in the end it's loving story. This tells you that parents will stop and nothing to save their kids and will do anything for them. I can not wait for Finding Dory to come out 2016, everyone has been waiting for that forever!

The End
So that was that. My list of Disney and Pixar Favorites. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. What I learned from this is that I am obsessed with these movies while they are actually meant for kids. So obsessed that I actually feel bad towards all the movies I love that are not on this list. Like: Treasure Planet, The AristoCats, Mulan, Snow White, Bambi, Pocahontas (gosh I hated the sequel to that!) and The Hunchback of the Notre Dame. But I had to make a selection otherwise this would have been a very very long message.

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