Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Water for Elephants

This is a book about an old man, Jacob Jankowski, who tells you all about his life in the circus. Everything happens after the deaths of his parents when he was just a teenager. Because of his fathers depths, he has nothing. No money and no house. He decides to drop out of college, run away from the place he used to call home and join the circus of the Benzini Brothers . There he becomes a 'professional' vet, even though he didn't finish his study (they don't know that). Terrible things happen and Jacob falls madly in love with the wrong person. This book is written by Sara Gruen.

I wrote a review on this book a while back and read the book months before that. But here it is!

''Unfortunately I had seen the movie long before I read the book. I hate it when this happens. But I like watching movies and sometimes it just happens. 

I wanted to be sure that I got a good impression of the book so left some time in between seeing the movie and actually reading the book. I hoped that I could forgot Robert Pattinsons face before reading it. I did not want to have the imagine of him as Jacob in my head while reading it this book.

When I finally got to it (when I was in Australia and didn't have internet), it was very very good. Better than the movie, but I expected that. It was more about the older version of Jacob and I really enjoyed that. He is a grumpy old man but I liked reading about him becase that was the person who had gone through all those experiences. The young Jacob you read about is still experiencing those experiences. It gave me a better impression of who Jacob had become and was. The book just makes more sense. It's better put into words than in the movie.

The book shows how tough the circus life was. That they never got paid. What the effects of ´Jake´ (Jamaican Ginger) did to people and what it was. How it went down and why. The ranks and the business. I learned a lot from this book! It was a great read. Very good.''

For the actual review click here.

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