Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Vanguard

It might be a bit much to post this review already. I only just finished this book, only a few days after I finished the first book. You know how it is with series. Once you start you don't stop until you have to (because the next book is not out yet or the series is finished). So here it is, my review of The Vanguard (Allison's Story #2) by Elle Todd. If you haven't read The Elect (Allison's Story #1) yet, I recommend not to read this review since it might spoil the first book for you.

Everything you thought you knew about the Elect and the Vanguard, will change during this book.

A lot has changed since Allison's 16th birthday, everything is different now. She has no clue what's wrong and what's right anymore. Her mom is gone, forever. There is noway back. In the beginning of the book she is completely lost. It doesn't really matter to her what happens. She lost the one person that was always there for her. She has no one left, at least that is how she feels. I can not imagine how she feels. It must be awful. The darkness (and numbness) of her pain is all consuming. It took me down with her.

She needs to get out and run. Look for the man who is supposed to be her father. She needs answers, since her mother could not give her those. Now she is lost, without any clue where to go. Stuck in between the Vanguard and the Elders, who also have no clue what to do with her or what she is and how. Ally has to make a lot of difficult decisions. Will she have help making them or does she have to do everything on her own?

I was very angry and frustrated while reading this book (I might have yelled at my boyfriend and told him to get lost because the book was just too thrilling..). The feeling I had was similar to the feeling I had while reading The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. Locked away from the people you know like you are some kind of dangerous animal that will hurt everyone that comes in its way. Though while reading this part of Allison's story made me so much angrier. Ally never asked for any of this and now they are treating her like a criminal while she is the victim.

The fact that I felt that angry means that I was very much into the story. It doesn't happen that often. But when it happens, it has me under its spell for days or even weeks. Like it's predecessor, The Vanguard is exciting from the first to the last letter of the book. I was not able to put it back down before I was finished, which is one of the best qualities a book can have.

I was a little disappointed by the ending. I was expecting a huge cliffhanger (but maybe that is why it didn't have one, since I was expecting it), like the first one had. But to my surprise this book ended quite peacefully. Even though I'm anxious to read the next part. I'm not out of my mind because of the ending (which in a way is nice), like I was after the first part. Nevertheless, I liked The Vanguard better than The Elect. You know more about the gifts, the characters, the events, the story line, everything. And because of that I felt more connected to Ally.

I am very much looking forward to the third part of Allison's story, I can't wait for it to come out. I hope you like the story as much as I do!

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