Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Elect

I knew a few people that had received a copy of this book from the author, Elle Todd, in exchange for an honest review. I was interested in the book so I applied for this free copy as well (and I got it, yay!). So here is my honest review of this book.

The Elect is the first book of a series: Allison's story (which will consist of five books when the series is finished). I wasn't looking forward to reading yet another YA series. Those things take up way too much time and though they are pleasant and easy to read, most of them aren't very well written. Nevertheless, I was curious.

This story is about Allison Noble. A 'normal' 16 year old teenage girl who lives with her mom in a town called Stillwater. Her best and practically only friend, Delaney, is very different from her. Where Allison is average, paranoid, insecure and bright, Delaney is brave, confident, gorgeous and with that gets a lot of attention from guys, unwanted attention, but it's there nevertheless. The story starts by them taking revenge on one of Delaney her 'enemies', namely Rebecca. For this particular plan they have to sneak into their school, but once they are there, Allison sees something she was not supposed to see. There are other people in the school, in the basement, people she knows from her classes. Ryan, Nate and Jeremy. She never liked them much, especially since Ryan is Rebecca's boyfriend.

She sees one of them play with fire, but it didn't seem like they were using lighters or matches. They guy was just balancing fire in his hand. But how? They hear and chase after her when she runs away. Both her and Delaney hope the boys didn't see them. But they can't be sure.

Not to long after the incident in the basement, those boys start talking to both of them and spending time with them. Allison is doesn't trust them. They have know those boys forever and they never even so much as talked to them before, Allison didn't even think they would know her name. So why start spending time with them now?

This book was very exciting, I liked reading it, a lot. It was easy, clear and interesting. I enjoyed the main character a lot too. I get annoyed with most female characters form YA novels very easily. But I actually like Allison and her friend Delaney as well (though a little less). I didn't expect this book to be so exciting. But then the last few chapters throw you completely in an other direction. It has a major plot twist. One I did not saw coming. Elle Todd really surprised me. Finally something that I didn't predict or saw coming. I can not wait to read the next book.

Though amazing, it's not perfect. I got confused a few times while reading, not by the story line or the characters, but by the time setting. The writer likes to skip unimportant events. Like school time or work time. I get why (especially since I was eager to learn more about the interesting parts of the book), but sometimes it trows you off the story. Nevertheless, I would recommend this book to all the YA readers out there.

The sequel to this book is called The Vanguard and not to long from now the third part of this series will come out as well, The Core.

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And before I forget to mention it. I love the cover of this book and it's sequel. Not only because it looks awesome, but I can actually see how it relates to the story.

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