Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Dark Heroine

Before I start talking The Dark Heroine and how amazing this book is, I would like to tell you where and why I bought this book. I was on holiday in Australia last year when I came across this book. I had already bought eight other books that trip and was not really supposed to buy anything else, since you can only fit so much book into your suitcase. But the reason I bought this book is not because of the book itself but because I was so fascinated by the writer. Abigail Gibbs. So young and yet there it was. Her book. All the way in Australia (from England).

When I read this book I did not know it had anything to do with Twilight, whatsoever. I read Twilight, of course, but I didn't see the link until after I read it and was reading it for the second time. I was in love with Twilight years ago but when I read this book I forgot all about that.

It's dangerous, defiant, compelling and scary. But aside from that it's loving, emotional and funny. Some aspects made me laugh so hard. While most of the book made me really angry. I was furious with Kaspar at first. I hated him with all my heart and soul, especially because Violet didn't seem to hate him that much. I was angry because at some point she wasn't angry anymore.

Violet is an amazing character. She's supposed to be scared, she is in some ways, but man she's tough and spicy. I love her spontaneous reactions. Mostly because she's like that in situations in which I wouldn't be able to say anything, silent of shock and fear. Oh, but not her. I love that. She appears to be able to defend herself, not by force but by mind and words. Even though the 'people' around her could kill her easily, she's not going to let it seem like she's helpless or needs someone to protect her (although she does need someone to protect her).She's kidnapped by 'vampires' after she saw them slaughter a bunch of 'people' at Trafalgar square in London. At the time she doesn't know that they are in fact vampires. She has no clue what the hell is happening and why. After a while they realize who she is and she realizes who they are. Vampire royalty. They can do about anything and the government will cover it up. They can't let her go because then they would be exposed. So she has two options. She can either die or become a vampire.

At first some of the vampires are fascinated by her but the longer she's there the more they start to hate her and her human ways. Not all of them, but most of them anyway. Halfway through the story everything starts to change...

I could go on for hours about how I loved this book. Could spoil a lot. But that would only make it less fun to read. I really recommend this book. Even if you don't like the whole vampire-stuff. The story is different. It's not so sweet (like Twilight is). It's very nicely dangerous.

In January the sequel of this book will appear in the stores. Autumn Rose: The Dark Heroine #2. For the original review click here.

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