Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Last night I went to what we call 'the sneak' (the sneak preview in the cinema close by, you never know what kind of movie you will end up watching). To my satisfaction it was a movie of which I didn't even know I wanted to see it. Mandela: Long walk to Freedom.

I could give you a short summary about this movie, but I'm pretty sure you get the point. After all, it's about Nelson Mandela.

It was interesting to watch this movie only a few days after his death. Everybody is talking about it now, so seeing the movie now was both convenient and annoying. Since I was already talking about Mandela and his life (and death). This movie made my head spin. I always find everything they tell you hard to believe. Are they trying to make me like this person? Was everything he did good?

It was different this time around because for once I would be the 'bad guy' in this situation. I am white. I have no right to say or feel anything about what happened to Nelson Mandela and his 'people'. I can never begin to understand what they went through and how it felt for them. Neither can I say that I would treat them any different if I lived there during that time, I simply do not know what it would be like. Not even for the 'white' people in this story, I can not relate to either of the sides of this story. It is what he says, people are taught to hate they are not born into it. 

Nevertheless, I try to understand. I cried a lot while watching this movie. The horror, pain and loneliness, it was all very intense. I can imagine what it would be like, pulled away from you family for 27 years. I am not even 27 years old, that is a very long time! But I can imagine how much I would miss my family and all the people that I know. 

I really enjoyed watching this movie. It was a bit long but it was worth it. It was interesting to learn about his story and what had happened there, though the movie is confusing. They skip through time quite randomly. It might have been better if it hadn't been a drama movie. I would have liked to see a few more original pictures and videos. But above else this movie taught me something I always knew but realize over and over again. No body is perfect. Not Nelson Mandela, not me and not you. He tried to do and did a lot of good things for his 'people' and I respect what he accomplished. But above else, he was still just one person. A human, who also made mistakes and chose his 'people' over his family. I can never begin to understand the sacrifices he had to make.

In a way this movie made me think of another movie, namely: The Bang Bang Club. Maybe I will write a review about that movie one day too, but in that movie you also see a lot of violence towards and from 'black' people. You see a lot of death and pain in both movies. 

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