Wednesday, 4 December 2013


There is only one reason why I wanted to watch this movie when it came out. Amanda Seyfried. To me, she is one of the most beautiful women out there. I watch practically every movie she's in. Though when I read that she was going to be in this movie, about a pornstar, I had my doubts.

I had never heard about Linda Lovelace. So I asked my parents about it. They gave me very strange looks. I figured the best way to learn about Linda Lovelace was by actually watching the movie. So I did.

Lovelace is more a documentary than a drama to me. I didn't see Amanda, I saw Linda. In the movie you see her get into the porno business. But it doesn't seem to be that bad. You see that Chuck (her first husband) has a temper but he doesn't treat her that bad. She is a total hit in her first porno movie Deep Throat and after that she's golden. They want her in a lot more porno movies. But she doesn't really want to, she wants to be a regular movie star. A few years later you see her taking a polygraph test. At some point they ask her about Chuck. Then the flashbacks start. You see everything you already saw in short fragments but then instead of the nice version, you see the actual version. You see how Chuck beats her. How he forced her into the porno business. How he abuses her. He even sold her as a 'sex doll' (to use) to get some cocaine for a couple of men.

When the flashbacks get up to speed with the actual story you see her in a normal family home with her new husband, Larry Marchiano, and her son. By then she is trying to set the record straight by selling her autobiography book: OrdealTell people what actually happened between her and Chuck and how she got into the business. People have a hard time with taking her story seriously, but she just wants to get it out there that some women are abused by there husbands and forced to do stuff that don't really want to do. She is trying to help them, she wants to tell them it's okay to try to escape. That it's possible.

I found the story very interesting. I was surprised by how it touched me. They did a great job by putting this movie. It was written by Andy Bellin and directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. There were also a lot of good actors in this movies. Like James Franco, Peter Sarsgaard (who plays Chuck), Adam Brody and Chris Noth.

I hope this review helps. It's a very good movie. You should definitely check it out!

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