Sunday, 29 December 2013

Brush of Shade

I was granted a giveaway copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. So once again that is exactly what I will do. 

Brush of Shade, part one of the Whisperer's Chronicles, written by Jan Harman, is a story about Olivia Pepperdine. She has had a rather though year. She was in a car accident not to long ago. The same car accident in which both her parents died. This is not all that has happened in Olivia her life though. Not to long before her accident, her brother also died in a (different) car accident. She and her brother were very close. But at least then she had her parents support. Now she was alone. The only family she had left is her aunt Claire, who she only saw every once in a while and bought their love for her with expensive gifts.

Her aunt is trying the best she can to take care of Olivia. Which is rather hard since she just lost her brother. Olivia has been traumatized and is stuck in a state of loss. She feels broken and crazy.

That is when her aunt decides it's time for a good change. Away from DC, with all the torn memories of their family members, who died. So Claire takes Olivia back to their home. The place where Olivia her dad grew up and moved away from. Spring Valley, Colorado. Though once they arrive their they soon realize it was a big mistake. Weird things starts to happen to Olivia. People are avoiding her, looking weirdly at her and talking about her like they know her. Why? What are they on about? 

Then she meets Trent, who seems nice enough. He takes her too school and is a good friend. Trying to get her to feel at home. But he talks about her in the same way too. Like he knows her. And what does Trent mean about the money and her being rich?

Read the book and find out! I was quite surprised by the characters and a few events. I didn't see it coming. Though I like Olivia, I would have liked her a little better if she was stronger and stood up for herself. I don't understand most of her decisions but I respect them.

I don't like the people in Spring Valley that much. I understand what they are doing and why but I think it's disrespectful. They expect to much of Olivia. They want her to be part of them. Part of something she knows nothing about. I do not like Trent and his family and sometimes I don't even like Claire. Though to be fair, she is just trying to do the right thing for Olivia, which Olivia doesn't notice.

I'm very much looking forward to the next part of this story!

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